Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Ikea Experience and Ballard's Backroom

Why did I go to IKEA?
Well, I've always heard about the store on design shows, etc. I've flipped through the catalog a number of times. Basically, I was just curious and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Oh, gee! I had no idea!

I knew that the store covered several acres. I didn't know I'd need a map to get around! Glad I picked one up!   There are arrows pointing you in the direction to walk.  I felt as though If I wanted to go through the store in the opposite direction, I'd be called out--or run over by the side-ways rolling carts and hundreds of shoppers!
This store is simply overwhelming! It is TOO big to just "run in and take a look around". I started at the cafe. The food was actually half decent. (I say this still reeling from the food at Blackberry Farm. Crazy isn't it?) I knew from the size of the building, I needed some sort of nourishment. I had a vegetarian roll up (bean sprout, red peppers, in a flower tortilla) , some sort of Swiss chocolate covered almond toffee cake, and sparkling fruit juice.  Maybe $6?

If you are into sleek, funky, contemporary, not to mention somewhat temporary furniture--I suppose it's ok. It's just not for me. Maybe I should give it a second chance. One should visit first thing on a weekday morning.  IKEA on a Satruday--NOT a good idea.    
One more note:  I didn't take these pictures.  They are all Google.  How in the world could I take pictures?  I was too busy trying to remember where I parked and what side of the elevator do I get off of!  Ha!  If you want something from IKEA, use the catalog and pay the shipping.  

On a much more relaxing note, Ballard's  Backroom was visually delightful.  It was fun like their catalog.  I would say that they need more lighting.  It is a bit warehouse like.  

I was hoping that the majority of the store would be bargains galore.  Nope, most were full catalog price.  (Oddly, the website says that Ballard's Backroom does not sell catalog items.  Uh, what was all of that stuff then?)  They did have 15-25% off the last marked price.    

There were a couple of sections that were 75% off.   It was mainly monogramed items that had been returned.  Why is it that we think we may just luck up on our own monogram or that of someone we know in a pile of "mess-ups"?  

I do so wish that I had more time to just look around.  There are so many amazing shops that I didn't get to see.  I am going back!