Wednesday, March 4, 2009

British Bespoke Kitchens

(photo Maia C.) (and thank you Henry Ford)

A bit of fantasy here.  The homes and the kitchens featured below don't belong to one another.  

One of our fabulous bloggers from across-the-pond has been so kind to inspire me with thoughts of an English kitchen.  In honor of Europafox, I give you English "handmade" kitchens:

Any of you out there have a blue front door?  
Slatters Cottage - Luxury self catering cottage in the Cotswolds

This garden is for Pearls and Grace.  It's got her name on it.

I really like the table in the center of the room.  It makes the people the focus-not the appliances.   Adore the wooden counter tops.

This exterior is for you Tartanscot!  Although, I think you may need something a bit more Scottish! 
Cotswold cottage
Handmade kitchen in oakOak Kitchen - Build By Craftsmen
(All kitchen by Violet Designs, West Sussex, UK)

Wasn't it refreshing to see a few kitchens that you haven't seen in blog land a million times?  Let's hear it.  What are your likes here?  Any one ohhing and ahhing--or are they just o.k.?