Monday, March 30, 2009

You Never Get a Second Chance

The Big Comeback
(Tria Giovan)

I'm thinking of having the front door painted.  I've always had a stained door so this is a big change for me--and I don't do change very well.  My set up would be similar to the door shown above.  I'll have a glass door with a solid door behind it.  I've thought it would be fun to have a punch of color  in the foyer.  Blue, green, red...humm, I just don't know.

For fun, here are a few pictures of lovely "first impressions".  Enjoy.  

(photo: Pieter Estersohn; designer: John Bobbitt)
No color needed here--just oxygen.  I've gasped it all away!

(Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn)
What an interesting mix.  Traditional, contemporary, coastal, early American.  Anything goes.  Stained door.  

(photo: Jean-Francois Jaussaud; stylist: Emile Yannoukou)
Any one want to move in with me?  Looks like there will be plenty of room! (oxygen needed here too!)  Stained door--ugh, I'm so predictable!

(photo: Mark Lohman; stylist: Cynthia Marks)
Stained door, again! Casual, warm and welcoming.  This is a "take your shoes off" kind of house.  

 File:FAI green door.jpg
Yes, I know, I'm GSG and this is a green door, but isn't it great!  I'm leaning this way.  That is until I see something like this:

Decisions, decisions.  

Alright blog friends, what kind of door do you see for GSG's future?  I'm all ears.