Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot Tips!

All too often, we feel like we have to be "nice and polite" to everyone. Unfortunately, for our own safety, we just can't. (Southern gals: you know what I'm talking about!) Have you ever seen someone creepy in the elevator at the mall? Guess what, you don't have to get in!

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing a police detective speak at a lecture on personal safety. The 22-year veteran of police work gave so many helpful tips.

Please take the time to read all of these. They might keep you or a loved one safe. Feel free to email this list as well. (Send them a link, or cut and paste)

(All photos found on Google Images. Obviously, I chose some of them just so you could have a few giggles while dealing with such serious subject matter.)

1. Look under the car before approaching the vehicle. Also, take notice of what types of vehicles are parked on either side. Vans and SUV's are used most in abductions.

2. Don't go to your car if you see a male sitting in the passenger seat of cars on either side of you.

3. Don't place your purse or wallet in the shopping cart buggy.

4. Strap your children into their car seats AFTER you have entered and LOCKED the car doors. Do this even if it means you have to lean over the seats to do so.

5. Follow your instincts. If you feel funny about a situation, pay attention.
YOU are trying to tell YOU something.

6. Avoid carrying a purse. Instead, put your credit card, keys, cell phone in your front pockets.

7. If you do carry a purse, carry it on your shoulder, securing it under your arm. Don't carry the purse with the strap across you body.

8. Also, don't have children carry their backpacks as they are designed with both arms through the straps. Only carry it on one shoulder. Otherwise a child can be snatched by the handle on the pack or by the pack itself.

9. Carry a small flashlight and knife in your pocket. You'd find it very helpful if you were in a trunk!

10. If someone is in a car and ask you a question/gets your attention, DO NOT approach their car.

11. Go small with everything. Keep your valuables to a minimum. Think money clip.

12. Don't put anything into your purse that you want to keep. When it's gone, it's gone.

13. Travel in pair or larger groups.

14. Females: don't go out alone at night. Period.

15. The worst criminals are the BEST con artist.

16. While jogging, don't wear headphones or earbuds. You've disabled one of your senses that could keep you safe. How would you hear someone approaching you from behind? Take your dog--the bigger the better!

17. Keep what is precious close to you. Never let children out of your reach.

18. Scream and yell. The panic button on your car might help, but so many people just ignore car and house alarms.

19. Know where you parked. Don't use the remote to light up your car--and unlock it. Someone who's been watching you may be waiting for just this moment. What if they get to the car before you do?

20. Don't hesitate to call 911. They are there to help. It is easier to prevent a crime than to solve one.

21. Go to public restrooms in pairs or groups. (Also good advice for younger boys too.)

22. Wear a one piece swimsuit to the beach.

23. If a person is "checking you out" for more than 5 seconds, watch out. They are truly sizing you up. If you feel threatened-KEEP EYE CONTACT. They will know you can identify them and that you are not a submissive victim.

24. Have your keys in your hand when in the parking lot. A long key can serve as a stabbing tool if necessary.

25. Have a buddy over for coffee when you have a service person inside your home.
26. You don't have to open your door to anyone. If you haven't called the cable company, power company, etc., be suspicious!

27. Don't allow a stranger into a 6' radius of you or your children. Keep your distance.

 Spike Heels
28. Wear shoes you can run in when you go shopping or out on the town--no Manolos girls!

Use your God-given common sense.
If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't!

Feel free to post any other tips you may have in the comments section. Knowledge is power.

I care about all of you and want you to be safe.