Monday, October 20, 2008

'Kristin Davis, The Show must go On'

Kristin DavisRemember the Kristin Davis event I told you about earlier?  Here is an email I received this morning:

'As they say in Hollywood, "the show must go on!"

We learned over the weekend that Kristin Davis will not be able to leave the location where she is currently shooting a movie to join us in *****.  Belk is extremely disappointed and they've done everything they can to bring Kristin to us.

All arrangements have been made and the event will go on, in grander style. The event Belk was planning with the ***** is also being cancelled and, since no date had been set for that event, all of the ***** giveaways are being sent to our party. In an attempt to make up for the loss of Kristin Davis, there will be double the giveways, the gift certificates you'll receive in your gift bags will be larger and Belk is giving an additional $10,000 donation to the *****.'

I'll admit, I'm actually more excited about the fashion show now!  I'm thrilled with the additional donation to our organization and double the gift certificates!  Woo hoo!   I'll keep you posted and let you all know what's in the goodie bag!