Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Ready to go Back!

The lovely Blackberry Farm, again...

This is The Barn.  Every night, this is where you go for dinner.  Did I mention that we averaged a three hour meal--every night!  Each bite I took was wonderful.  How does apricot sorbet sound?  

The interior design work all over Blackberry was just perfect.  It is my understanding that all of the newer buildings were designed with Suzanne Kasler and the Blackberry Design Group.  Be sure to check out this months issue of Southern Accents magazine.  They have put together a beautiful spread on Blackberry--a visual treat.  

It's actually a bit strange seeing the interior of The Barn all lit up.  In the evenings, it's just the chandelier and candlelight--and stunning!
Here's another tidbit for you:  You don't have to stay at Blackberry Farm to enjoy dining at The Barn.  You may make reservations just to savor the cuisine!  Bon appetite indeed!