Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take Out the Tub?

Here's another swoon-worthy bathroom. Isn't it just lovely?

Notice something missing? Yes, the tub.

Is this a design trend, or do people just not take a tub bath the way they used to?

I wish I had documentation about the source of the above photo. Anyone out there know?
I'd love to see more of this room. Could the tub be located elsewhere?

What I really admire is the "jewel box" idea behind it. The designer has taken a relatively average sized bathroom and turned it into something luxurious.

I certainly don't think I'd miss the soaking in this bathroom.
I think the steam shower would be just fine.

Now, another bathroom, could be a powder room/half bath.
What great decorative storage the baskets provide.

Unfortunately, I don't know the source of this photo either.

I'm wondering if this is a bathroom that once had a tub.
It could have been removed and these shelves put in it's place.

I've seen a bathroom recently that did almost the exact same thing. Imagine the above bath with only the top shelf. It was used as an office, of all things.
The top shelf served as a great desktop.

Just think, if the bathroom had a separate shower, the "desk" area could serve as a vanity/make-up area.

Do any of you remember the Christopher Lowell project that converted a tub into a sofa? It was quite creative. He took a standard built-in tub and had plywood upholstered to fit over the top. The apron of the tub as skirted. Quite interesting.

Here's another use for the bathtub. How about converting a claw foot tub into a settee. I don't think so. It if works for you, contact
It's better than have it rest in a landfill.

Time to speak up.
Do you take a tub bath everyday?
Are you a fan of the shower?
Would you buy a house without a tub?
Would you miss your tub if it were gone?