Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life's Luxury-dear friends!

Blog friends, I'd like to take a moment (or a post in this case) to thank a couple of "real life" friends.  

Dear ones, you know who you are...
Thank you for making my birthday so special.  YOU are the luxuries in life, my dearest friends!

a few luxuries that you kindly gave--that remind me of YOU!

A soft soothing Sferra throw--"Cotton, when brushed, undergoes a transformation that gives it a plush, alluring texture this side of heaven (heaven, interesting choice of words, humm, this definitely makes me think of my friend). This throw blends soft color with cream in a herringbone weave and finishes it with a twisted, natural fringe."

Now would you look at these flowers!  Can you believe how beautiful they are?  I am so impressed that the pictures came out as good as they did.  They were sitting on the kitchen table with the sun streaming in upon them.  These flowers are from my real "kitchen table friend".  She is the one I sit in the kitchen with and yap away.  We drink THE BEST coffee and talk about EVERYTHING under the sun!    

I'd love to go on and on about the special "real" people in my life--but, they need their privacy.  Now, here's the funny part:  I'll find out if they are FINALLY reading my blog!