Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Must Haves

Spring fever has gotten the best of me.
I've been busy planning and dreaming of the garden.

Just this morning I made a list of the absolute "must haves" in my garden:

1. camellias
Southern Gardening: Camellia

2. gardenias
Southern Gardening: Gardenia

3. roses
Carefree Roses

4. jasmine
Vines: Growing Up

5. hydrangea
Dreamy Hydrangeas

6. dogwood
March 2009: Around Your Garden Florida

7. crepe myrtle
Southern Gardening: Crepe Myrtle

8. boxwood
Planning for Perfection

9. azaelia
Southern Gardening: Azalea

10. magnolia
(all photos Southern Living)
(unknown first photo)

These are my top 1o, in no particular order.
What are your top 10?


Yes, I too am a tremendous fan of the peony.
As a matter of fact, my list was "top 11", but that just didn't have the same ring.
Guess what I did today?
I bought 10 glorious peony plants!