Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Army General, Entertaining and Funny?

Every heard of this fellow?  You Southern girls may recognize him, especially if you are from New Orleans.  This is Ret. Army General Russell Honore.  He was sent by President Bush to the water covered region to lead the Joint Task Force after Hurricane Katrina.  He was responsible for coordinating the military relief efforts in the water-soaked Gulf Coast.  Remember Mayor Nagin referring to him as the "John Wayne dude"?  

I heard him speak the other night.  He was surprisingly funny, entertaining, and insightful.   I have embeded a video clip from YouTube.  This is from a talk he gave at Coca-Cola.  It's not the same talk I heard, but similar.  Watch the entire thing if you are interested, if not, at least catch the first minute or so introduction.  It's funny and tells you a great deal about his personality.  Enjoy!        

One take away quote from the night was, "God gave you two hands for a reason.  One to take care of yourself, and the other to help others."  Now that's a good one! 

Now, more along our usual line, a few Louisianna lovelies for you to enjoy: