Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was tagged--and you may be next!

(Photos from Google Images)

I have to admit,  I'm such a baby blogger, or "greenie", in my case.   I wasn't exactly sure what tagging meant until I visited with my "tagger" Kappa Prep over at her adorable blog Monograms and Manicures.   Can I call you my "blog sister"?  I'm telling you, we were separated at birth!

Now, here are the rules:
1.  Link the person who tagged you and post the rules.
2.  Share 5 songs you like and are embarrassed to admit to others--and tell why you like it.
3.  Tag 5 others at the end and give a link to their blog.
4.  Let the other 5 know you've tagged them by leaving them a comment on their blog.  

Here I go, ugh, this is so embarrassing! 
1.  Paradise City, by Gun'n'Roses--can you believe it!  This one just makes me want to dance--and not my usual ballet!

2.  Mother, by Danzig--It's just his voice--makes you think of Jim Morrison.

3.  Cabaret, sung by Liza Minellli--I admit, I belt this one out loud when I hear it.  I think I secretly want to be on Broadway.

4.  Hit Me Baby, One More Time, a Britney Spears one--oh, gee, did I just admit to that one?  Actually, the song "has a great beat and you can dance to it".  

5.  Butterfly Kisses--I cried the first time I heard it--but then, it was so overplayed, I wanted to scream.  The story was sweet, though.  

Now for these five:  Tag, You're it!  Visit these blogs when you can.  They are all unique and inspiring.