Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Understated & Fabulous

Subtle muted tones and classic timeless furnishings--this is my kind of house.
I wish I had the time to blog and dissect a photo like Joni,
but alas, time does not allow.
Just admire the quite details in this house.
The stairs are absolutely beautiful.
The mirror, the chandelier...

A peek of the kitchen.
Functional and simple, and quite elegant. I think it is truly the lack of "fluff" that makes this kitchen so relaxing. What do you think? Any other kitchen minimalist out there?

Just the right amount of pattern and texture to keep our interest.
This room would be the fall and winter retreat. I wonder if I would be as drawn to it in the spring? Do you search for the sunlight and brighter interiors?

Clean and not fussy. The mirrors give us all that we need.
A little goes a long way.
The marble countertops are an added lovely.
The ogee edge detail makes it for me.

My one hang-up here is the finish on the cabinetry. I think I would have preferred something more simple--like the kitchen cabinets.
Does anyone "faux" anything anymore?

A beautiful sunset to end the day.
(As a side note, this picture is from the front of the house, looking away from the main entry.)

Since all of our favorite interior design magazines are leaving us,
we may now be searching the real estate listings like never before.
The images above are from just that.

I welcome your comments.