Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take Out the Tub?

Here's another swoon-worthy bathroom. Isn't it just lovely?

Notice something missing? Yes, the tub.

Is this a design trend, or do people just not take a tub bath the way they used to?

I wish I had documentation about the source of the above photo. Anyone out there know?
I'd love to see more of this room. Could the tub be located elsewhere?

What I really admire is the "jewel box" idea behind it. The designer has taken a relatively average sized bathroom and turned it into something luxurious.

I certainly don't think I'd miss the soaking in this bathroom.
I think the steam shower would be just fine.

Now, another bathroom, could be a powder room/half bath.
What great decorative storage the baskets provide.

Unfortunately, I don't know the source of this photo either.

I'm wondering if this is a bathroom that once had a tub.
It could have been removed and these shelves put in it's place.

I've seen a bathroom recently that did almost the exact same thing. Imagine the above bath with only the top shelf. It was used as an office, of all things.
The top shelf served as a great desktop.

Just think, if the bathroom had a separate shower, the "desk" area could serve as a vanity/make-up area.

Do any of you remember the Christopher Lowell project that converted a tub into a sofa? It was quite creative. He took a standard built-in tub and had plywood upholstered to fit over the top. The apron of the tub as skirted. Quite interesting.

Here's another use for the bathtub. How about converting a claw foot tub into a settee. I don't think so. It if works for you, contact
It's better than have it rest in a landfill.

Time to speak up.
Do you take a tub bath everyday?
Are you a fan of the shower?
Would you buy a house without a tub?
Would you miss your tub if it were gone?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bathing Beauties

Here are two different bathrooms done by designer Phoebe Howard of Atlanta, Georgia.
Clean, bright, simple and timeless: absolute requirements in a bath.

Did you notice the construction of the sinks in the first photo?
They are entirely constructed of marble. How luxurious!

What about the toilet seat in the second photo?
It looks like the mahogany seat that Waterworks carries.

This is my way to start a Monday.
How would you chose to start your week?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Always in Style

What's always in style?  Manners-sincere, plain manners.  

The simple gesture of being polite makes all the difference .

Take a moment out of your day to show your appreciation.  It's easy.

Have a few blossoms in your garden?  Snip a few and take them to someone--unexpectedly.

Sometimes it just an expression on our face that will change someone.  
Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Thank you, kind readers, for all of the joy you bring to my day.  
How I wish I could send all of you a few blooms.
I appreciate each and every one of you.

What are your ideas for spreading kindness?
How have you experienced graciousness?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blackberry Weekend

Friday is upon us again and time to think of our weekend plans. I thought you all might want to dream of your weekend at Blackberry Farm. How about a few pictures to send you drifting off to Walland, Tennessee?

Are you just loving this little vignette? The tassels on on the curtains, the "pie crust" table, the rustic bowl, the leather books, and rose medallion--what's not to love?

The covered bridge that leads to Lamar Alexander's place.

Want to do some fly fishing this weekend? How about a few hours on Hesse Creek with an Orvis endorsed instructor?
Sounds perfect for Father's Day, don't you think?

Ahhh! I'm relaxing already.

Care to sit a spell with me out by the pond?

What are your plans for the weekend?
Make it a priority to find time to love one another and relax.
Have a Blackberry weekend!

(Want to see more of the amazing Blackberry Farm? Look to the tags on the left and simply click on Blackberry Farm for even more post about this lovely place!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dreamy English Garden

When I daydream of an English garden, this is one image that comes to mind.  This is actually just outside of Chicago, IL.  Another pleasing surprise is that the lot only measures 80' by 100'.  Apparently, good things do come in small packages!
(Photographs by Kritsada & Traditional Home)

What elements have you brought into your garden?  Were you inspired by your grandmother's garden or an exotic vacation to far away lands?  Tell me about it or better yet, email me a picture!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Well Done

What a quaint flagstone patio-the herbs, the maple and ivy.  

(This interior must have been inspired by the main lobby at The Cloister on Sea Island.  
The first two pictures are from the same house.)

Haven't you wanted to step inside-or in the back yard- of some of the houses you see for sale?  
Well, thanks to the internet, we can.  Let's go.  
Some of the interiors look quite familiar.  
Doesn't this look like something we've seen in a magazine?
I think I've seen that chair before as well as the chandelier.
(The picture above and the picture below are of the same house.)

Not a bad lake side view.

Calm and soothing bedroom.
Doesn't this remind you of Phoebe Howard?
(The next three pictures are all in the same house.)

This wood paneled living room invites one to lounge for hours.  It's fairly family friendly too.   
Where's my lemonade?  Look at that sky, and the green!  
Could the relator have taken a better photograph?
Beautiful wine cellar with a slate floor.  
I wonder how many bottles this holds?

(FYI:  all homes shown above are listed for two million plus.)

Are you in the market for another house?
What are you looking for?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am overdue in thanking a most gracious blogger, 
Lisa Porter, for giving the Granny Smith Green Blog 
the Lemonade Gratitude Award.  
Let's pretend that this is my hand-written thank you note! 

I was first introduced to Lisa's site by a fellow blogger.  This darling blogger frantically wrote to me saying, "You two have been separated at birth!  You've got to go visit The Lisa Porter Collection blog!"  Well, with words like that, how could I not check it out.

When the blog page opened, I was thrilled with the beauty of it.  What a compliment I had received--to be compared with that!  Wow!  Her blog is a true collection of beautiful images--and a kind soul behind in all.

Just to whet your appetite, here's a tid bit from her profile, 
"(the blog is) a place for those who have an appreciation of family, friends
 and a meaningful life. 
It is my devotion to the casual, elegant manners of my southern heritage 
that have led me to create this collection."  

Sounds good, doesn't it?    


A few more words of thanks are due to several creative bloggers.  The dear people behind these blogs have sent me kind words of encouragement and delight me with their inspiration.  

I do hope that if you aren't familiar with the following blogs, you will pour yourself another cup of coffee and stop by for a visit.  Each one different from the next and all delightful!

In no particular order, my I present:

style, sass and humor--deep in the heart of Texas

and she does.  I've got to meet this gal.  
Scot and me
(Katiedid & Tartanscot--blog world's are colliding Jerry!)

my dear brother in design--we were separated at birth!  

or should be say, blue-eyed about to pop mama-to-be any day now

a.k.a. Hospy or Kappa Prep.  One of the very first blogs I read.  Precious.

Be sure to visit all of these great blogs--and tell them Granny Smith Green sent you!

I'd like to discover other great blogs too.  
Do you have a great blog to recommend--yours or another you find fabulous?
Leave me a comment here and I'll be sure to visit.  Thanks!