Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Skinny Green Giant Needed


A neighbor of ours recently cut down NINETEEN (yes, 19) trees in their yard. I am mourning the lush green canopy that was once there. The privacy the tress provided was perfect.

I have decided to make lemonade out of the lemons.
I am going to refurbish the formal garden at the back of our property. I need to select a "backdrop" hedge that will accompany an old stacked stone wall.

Here's the problem: I need an evergreen plant that will take part sun/part shade, grow to about 12' minimum height, BUT I need it to be narrow (or can be pruned as such).

A master gardener friend recommended the following:

osmanthus-or tea olive
The tea olive would be nice for it's white blooms and scent.
(Google Image)

arbrovitae-Does anyone have experience with "Nigra"? This is certainly skinny, tall and evergreen.
(MountSi Nursery)

yew-taxus media "hicksii"
Taxus x media (Yew)
(Weston Nursery)

The yew can be pruned into anything and is a typical hedge for an English garden.

Can any of you offer suggestions on these plants or others?