Monday, December 7, 2009

A House that Needs a Party

Have you ever seen a house that just needs to have a party? Well, here's one for you.

The coats are being taken.
(Side note: Meg at Pigtown Design, this is what I envisioned for your office foyer!)

The trays are passed.

There is a bountiful spread covering the table--and fabulous china too!

Relaxing after dinner.

Lively post-party conversation in the kitchen.

Off to sleep after a delightful evening...

to rise in the morning for a swim...

and a walk.

I hope this Monday brings your much happiness--and maybe a party invitation in the mail!
Didn't that house need some life in it? It looks like it was made for entertaining.
How about hosting at your house? Anyone having a great Christmas party at home this year?

Oh, and if you want to host a party in this house, you can. It's for sale, just under 4 million.

(thanks MLS for the photos)