Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Illumination Indecision

Always classic

I've been given too many good choices!  It's a good problem.

Warm and bright

What to do?  
Circa Lighting, don't you think you should just send me all of them?  I'd be really grateful.  

Cool simple classic

Circa Lighting was founded in Savannah Georgia.  (Doesn't that mean it has to have timeless goods?)  I've admired their products for a while now.  Isn't it time I made a purchase?


I am so impressed by the styles that are offered through Circa Lighting.  They have partnered with some of our absolute favorite designers:  Barbara Barry, Thomas O'Brien, Suzanne Kasler, and Michael S. Smith. 


So what are you thinking about these lighting options?  
Tell me what you think.  
Do you have a favorite?