Monday, February 16, 2009

Masculine Mystique

The Cloister Smoking Lounge
What is it about a wooden paneled room that draws us in?  It's warm. It's cozy.  It just feels good.

Several of the rooms that the Sea Island Company has created at The Cloister are rich with beautiful wooden walls.  

This is the Smoking Lounge (as well as the opening photo).  This was were Granny and Mr. Green would withdraw after a delicious meal at the Georgian Room.  The room is almost entirely cyprus, with pecky cypress detailing on the coffered ceiling.  Be sure and notice the arched fanlight above the bookcase that looks like a transom window.  It's actually mirror.  A perfect illusion.    

Just look at the beautiful details, especially found in the curtains-always lined and interlined-and fabulous!

Here's my man of mystery.  Even non-smokers can't help themselves here!

Make your selection...

In addition to the Smoking Lounge, the Library at The Cloister was just perfect.  The walls were constructed entirely of pine.  As a native Southerner, I'm a bit biased to pine.  We are surrounded by it and it's quite plentiful.  

You'll love their library system:  take a book, read it, return it.  Didn't finish it during your stay?  That's o.k..  Just mail it from home at your leisure.  Got to love this place!
The Cloister Library
(photo: Sea Island Co.)

Finally, the darkest of the paneled rooms of The Cloister:  the Georgian Lounge.  It was by far the most difficult to photograph.  I do so wish that you could all see the details.  The chandeliers were stunning.   This was a great place to relax prior to dinner at the Georgian Room.

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into some of the dark and mysterious paneled rooms of The Cloister.  Anyone have a favorite paneled room--on the post or elsewhere.  I'd like to hear all about it.  What do you consider the "must have" elements for a space like this?

Where to go next?  How about the Spa?   The Romans themselves would be jealous!

(large pictures from Sea Island Co., I took the little ones.)