Thursday, April 1, 2010

Anyone Hungry?

Don't you just love the thoughts of sitting down to a delicious meal? I sure do.

How many people can't do that these days? More than you think. I was very surprised that at a local church food bank. There were church members taking advantage of the services. They used to be the ones stocking the shelves and the freezer.

I think the blogging world is pretty amazing. Want to see what a community of internet folks can do to feed America?

Everyday, the television is filled with dire reports about the current economic climate and many use the blogging community to take a break from the constant bad news. However, we can not ignore the fact that friends, and even some blogger friends, have lost their jobs because of the recession.


People who never had a worry in the world now have to think about where their next meal is coming from. People who never would have dreamt that they would need help are now showing up at the local food banks. There is not enough food being donated to meet the rise in demand. There is not enough money to buy the food for the food banks.

Former advertising executive, Chris Cox, the editor of Easy & Elegant Life, and fundraising professional, Meg Fairfax Fielding, editor of Pigtown*Design, teamed up to create a blogger action day on April 1, 2009, which is being called April Food Day – Bloggers Fighting Hunger.
We are going to do it again this year!

Please consider making a contribution to Feeding America (formerly Second Harvest), a national food bank with 200 member banks across the country. Every dollar contributed provides seven meals or 10 pounds of food. A gift of $25 provides 75 meals.

Don't want to do cash, but have a stocked pantry? Donate food to a local food bank of your choice. Find one near you by CLICKING HERE.

Happy April FOOD Day Everyone!