Monday, August 11, 2008

The Latest Mad Men Episode

Any thoughts on the most recent episode?  
I've got an opinion and want to hear yours...


  1. Don Draper needs to be more appreciative of his beautiful wife, Betty and stop sleeping with every client. That was a little much when he was outside the restrooms at the restaurant, and grabbed Jimmy's wife by her hair and did "that thing." I would like to see Peggy tell Pete about the child. Joan cracks me up! What do you think?

  2. Hmm -I missed it! Do you happen to know when it plays again? Did Peggy have a baby?

  3. Oh, yes. Peggy most definitely has a child.

    The network may replay this past episode an hour before next weeks episode airs. Check out the website too. You may be able to watch it online now.

    And yes, tickledpink, "that thing" was WAY too much! For a show like MadMen, it just wasn't smart and subtle enough. Too much SOPRANOS for me. Get it together Don Draper!

  4. I agree with tickledpink. I am waiting for the moment Peggy brings up the child and how could anyone be so cruel to Betty?!

  5. I just couldn't look away from this episode - riveting!

    That being said, I'm torn between thinking that ending between Don Draper & the comedian's wife was just too base & "Sopranos"-like for me, or whether it was necessary to show Don's calculating, Machiavellian core.

    It's an interesting duality when compared with Betty's own, comparatively innocent flirtation with the man at the stable, no? Notice how both of them came home and washed up after their original encounters?

  6. I probably have a very different perspective on the show, but here it goes.

    Ah, yes, "The Scene." What to make of it? Isn't the problem that, too often, we all try to over-generalize about "men" and "women" as if we, in one gender, are all the same? Given Bobbi Barrett's character in the story, is it really that much of a surprise that Don's actions in the restaurant would be BOTH wanted and unwanted? The show thrives on ambiguity, which is what makes it so good. Probably many (if not most) women would be horrified by Don's behavior (but don't assume all would). Most men would be, too, for that matter (but don't assume all would).

    As to Don's behavior in his marriage, sure, he is a bad husband (although he seems to be a caring and compassionate father). Howevever, in a very real way, Betty is dishonest with Don, too. She's terribly unhappy, terribly unfulfilled, terribly frustrated and terribly sad. The guy in the horse stable was entirely accurate in his description of her. But Betty continues to propagate the charade. She is dishonest in that she does not express her needs. She lives her life the same way that Don sells his products: creating the image of a fantasy - appearance over substance.

    I will be very curious how Betty's character develops as the show progresses through the 1960's and the women's liberation movement emerges.

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