Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Shack--any readers out there?

Have any of you heard of THE SHACK?

I've just started reading it. Now, don't spoil it for me if you've already read it, but I am curious as to your thoughts! Can you give me any insights without giving it all away?

I have completed the book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is a great work of fiction based on one man's spiritual journey.  I found it to be heartwarming and uplifting.  I definitely recommend it for those with (for lack of a better phrase) spiritual maturity.  I came away being reminded of just how powerful God's love is.  His love is humbling.     

Our book club reviewed The Shack as well.  I speak for all of them in saying that they all found it to be a winner.  If you have the time to view the author on YouTube, I highly recommend it.  Do this after you read the book.   Using the link above, start with part 4 (about 4 minutes into it) and work your way through the remaining clips (12 I think).  You will understand so many more subtleties of the book after hearing his story.   

One could truly spend hours on end discussing this book.  I'd enjoy doing just that, although my time doesn't permit me to do so.  If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to discuss them.  


  1. I was just visiting a friend in Austin and some of HER relatives were there and they were all raving about this book. All they'd say was "you just HAVE to read it." Made me really curious. Let us know!

  2. Any updates? did you like it??

  3. Enjoyed your review of "The Shack" Thank you for taking the time to share.

    I was not in total agreement with The Shack (I am not in total agreement with several of my favorite authors).Any book that includes conversations with God is bound to receive criticism. How can anyone put words in God’s mouth? But this is one moving book! I smiled, cried, pondered, prayed, and repented as I read ( I have been hurt a lot in churches so I was profoundly impacted.). I read it twice and now listening to the audio. Amazing! Be sure to check out "The Shack Blog and Forum.

    I wrote a lengthy review on blog. Please visit.
    Robin @ HeartofWisdom

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