Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Navajo Now?

Trivial question to the Southern fashionistas out there...

Can you wear your Navajo's after Labor Day? 

My take on it is that if the shoe is trimmed in white, it's a no-no.

If  you have darker colors and the weather is still hot as blue blazes, go ahead and wear them!

What's your take on this oh, so not important matter?


  1. Since I live in super hot Texas I agree with you, if the weather is warm get those Navajos worn (this does not make total sense, but I thought the 'rhyme' was fun)!

  2. I say wear them. I'm not one who follows the no white after labor day and whenever i do wear white after labor day i always get compliments...and not those trying to be compliments that are really being judgmental. i said it somewhere else on a blog, just pair it with a warmer color and don't go matchy matchy with white shoes/bag/pants. you gotta have fun, right?

    thanks too for the diamonds...i have not had a moment to put decent thought into that post. i hope to get to it this weekend. sorry it has taken me so long! =) such a treat!

  3. I agree, as long as you stick to the no white rule. I think as long as it's warm outside, do it! They dress like summertime in Hollywood all year long! Then again, who cares - do whatever you want! :-)

  4. I agree- no white on the feet but other than that, weather permitting. I wore my Bonannos all week because it was crazy hot up here. Not that I am complaining- it will be cold before I know it!

  5. Yes - at least here in Texas, it appears acceptable to continue with the non-white sandals so long as the temperatures linger in the delightful mid-90s as they do at present.