Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Farm Fantasy Part IV-Living & Dining

Well, by popular request, more Blackberry Farm pictures:
(The picture above shows where I spent one afternoon, doing absolutely nothing!  It was great!)

As I mentioned in earlier posts, these pictures are from the inside of the Farm House.  

When we first arrived at the house, we were welcomed with delicious chocolate chip pecan cookies.  They were huge!  The only thing missing in the stocked refrigerator was the milk!  (Although, there was cream for the coffee in a precious little pitcher.)

Here is the main living room.  The building you can see outside the window is the amazing Barn-restaurant and wine cellar.  Traditional Home magazine did a story on the Farm House just after it's completion in July 2007.  If you have back issues, you can see the colors much better than in my photos.   There was a fair amount of sea foam green.

Here is a wider shot of the dining room, which opens to the living room (imagine it is to your back in this particular photo).  The doorway to the kitchen was to the right of the fireplace.  If I recall correctly, the round table, extended like it is, seats ten.  The dining room reminds me of Restoration Hardware's Camden collection--round table and white dishes displayed.    
There were so many things about the design that I found interesting.  Use the dining room chairs as an example:  I would have never picked these out for this room, especially painted white.  Standing alone, I don't know that they would work.  As an entire room, it just all works.

Some of you have asked about design sources.  Well, the main desk keeps a file with all paint colors and some other information.  All 65 rooms have been designed under the direction of Kreis Beall with some consultation from Suzanne Kasler.  Kasler has an amazing talent and beautiful website.  

Hope you have enjoyed this latest installment!  


  1. Too fabulous! Yes I want to know where those chairs came from etc!

  2. Lovely!

    Does this place accept residents? Are they in need of a legally blonde type to work for them? I volunteer on both counts!

  3. SO funny you're posting this! My coworker sent me the link to here a few days back, as she's looking to have her wedding there! I think your posts jsut sealed the deal. ;) Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. My Oh My...that is such a lovely deck. I don't need anything there, not even a book or a cup of coffee, I can stare at the lovely view there for hours.

  5. This chair looking over the lake is wonderful...something I dream about....

  6. ooo! i have heard of this place. it looks gorgeous. so jealous of what sounds like a v. relaxing weekend.

  7. this is AWESOME! I've been dying for visit forever, but now that I'm seeing this house I'm beside myself. Mind if I post some of these on my blog? With credits to you, of course.

    one more request -- kitchen pictures! based on the bathrooms, I'm sure it was to die for!

    just found your blog and it is delightful!

  8. I sooo wish I could live there! :)