Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Non-Kitchen, Kitchen

We've seen kitchens go to the other extreme--sterile and utilitarian.  I think it's time for a little warmth.  After all, don't we all end up in the kitchen anyway? 

Here's my proposal: a real room that just happens to have a kitchen inside!  Take a look at this Charlotte, North Carolina kitchen.  I think this is WONDERFUL!  Join me for a cup of coffee at the zinc covered table, won't you? 

How amazingly clever is this?   

Who would have ever guessed?    
photo credit: by Ellen McDermott

Now, what are your kitchen "must haves"?  It can be anything - from your grandmother's iron skillet to the ice maker?  

(I'm leaning towards laughter and smiling faces!)


  1. Hmm... I'm not crazy about the sofa placement, mostly because someone sitting on the sofa can't converse easily with someone working in the kitchen.

    Our kitchen essentials: our KitchenAid mixer - I can't live without it, the pantry - you can store so much in there and then just close the door and hide the mess, our newly open shelving - I love being able to display our wedding china and all of our stemware, and most importantly, my husband puttering around the kitchen and getting in the way and our sweet little girl sitting at the breakfast bar sipping her juice and chatting away with us. It's just not "our" kitchen without the two of them there with me.


  2. Gorgeous--I could move right in and be very happy there!

  3. That is just divine!!! I need a big pantry. After apartments and rental homes without a pantry, the biggest joy in moving into our home was that fact that I had a place for things.... But, I also love a kitchen that is made for conversation. At my moms house, we had an island with chairs, and a breakfast bar. That's where we lived essentially. I have very few memories of watching TV in the living room--they all revolve around the kitchen and the dining room table (which, more often than not was actually a craft/sewing table).... OK, back to reality! Hmm.. i wonder how much it would cost to re do my kitchen..?? hmmm

  4. Gorgeous! However do you find such amazing shots? I think you need to just up & start an interior design magazine and/or come to Texas and decorate my house already.

    My favorite kitchen "feature" is the combo island/table & barstools I've had in my last & current home. The husband and I are foodies, so the closer we can sit to food & its preparation, the better. I like a lived in kitchen, literally.

  5. That is such a nice, warm, comfortable-looking kitchen!

  6. What a beautiful kitchen! Where did you find this photo?

    My must have is either a set of All Clad or a Le Creuset dutch oven. It's a toss up between the two.

  7. I totally agree with sterile kitchens - I am so over stainless steel everywhere. I am embracing shabby chic, retro kitchenalia and crockery bric a brac! I think my must haves are a garlic press, cornishware jugs (for everything from crayons to milk), and a laura Ashley apron! And an ice bucket and stand, for those lazy indulgent moments of drinking champers in the lounge (not often enough)

  8. Wow! The person that thought up that deserves the Kreative award!

  9. My kitchen must have is a pepper grinder, so simple I know - but I put fresh ground pepper on just about everything!

  10. This is awesome!!! I love it! I have been saving the kitchen that I want from an ad I ripped out of Southern Living 5 years ago. It is centered around cookbooks, so those are my essential item :)

  11. kitchen must haves are an appetite!
    water, a stove, some pots and leave the rest to me!
    my grandmother served many from her kitchen, no tv, no island, just pure and simple, a kitchen.