Thursday, October 9, 2008

Princess Palin?

Did you hear the news last night? Sarah Palin is a 10th cousin to Princess Diana.   She is also a 9th cousin to a U.S. President.  Do you know which one?  (Just a teaser--I'm making you work for this one!) has done a study of the candidates families and reported this news yesterday.  Check out their website for more information.  A warning:  genealogy is addictive.  You never get to a stopping place.  It just goes on and on--and is such fun.


  1. She is related to Princess Diana and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Then I read that Obama is related to Brad Pitt! How crazy is that?

  2. Geneology really is addicting.
    My brother and I have started on a different geneology site and it is amazing all that you can learn.

  3. I heard this on Fox last night! Isn't she FDR's 8th cousin???