Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Decorations Spectacular Part I

The home tours this weekend were such fun.  Here are the first of a series of pictures I'd like to share with you.   I hope you will be inspired to try and recreate something similar in your own holiday decorating this year.  

I may try this one.  Cloves in fruit--always a classic.  It was on a limestone kitchen island.  

Doesn't this garland make you sigh!  Doesn't it say, "Come in, sit by the fire, let's talk and have some cider".  This is a 1925 Norman Revival style home.  

I seemed to see a fair amount of complimentary colors this year--not the usual contrasting red and green.  Most were like this example of orange/copper and red.

This lamp post is from the same house as the two pictures shown above.  The two ribbons are red and copper.

Here is a backyard shot from a 1934 Hollywood Regency styled home.  Everything was white, even the pickled floors.  Decorations were all white, silver and pale green.  


  1. Gorgeous! Which tour of homes did you go on?

  2. I do love that Garland over the Norman revival...its very lush!

  3. These homes are gorgeous! I love the fruit and clove centerpiece.

  4. That front door is very attractive. Want to see indoor Christmas decorations.