Friday, January 23, 2009


What a kind award from Hopsy or Kappa Prep from Manicures and Monograms! She's such a doll and fun blogger.  We seem to share a similar design aesthetic as well as several other things!  If we were in the same town, we would be museum pals for sure!  She has bestowed upon me the Honest Scrap Award: brilliant in content or design. Wow!
(Here's Hopsy.  Is she cute, or what?)

I do hope that all of you have a good time looking at my blog. I think it is so important that we surround ourselves with things of beauty. DON'T GET ME WRONG--I'm not just talking about material possessions--I'm talking about wonderful, loving people too! Life is too short for us not to embrace one another and the lovely all around us! (That beauty includes the smiling faces of little people with mashed bananas and cereal all over the place!)

Now I'm supposed to give you some honest facts about myself.  Well, here goes:

1.  I'm particular about my shoes.

2.  I only drink Coca Cola when I eat pizza.  Other than that, I don't consume soft drinks.

3.  I need at least nine hours of sleep to be a decent member of society.

4.  Today is my birthday.
Antique silver goblets hemstitched monogrammed linens by Leontine Linens and a colorful floral arrangement give the table timeless appeal.
(and this is my fall china pattern-but just a web picture)

5.  I love good conversation: story telling , front porch sitting conversation more than food.
Gracious Gathering


  1. Happy birthday!! Enjoy your day!!

  2. I only drink soda with mexican food. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


    I left you some birthday love over here at Pearls and Grace!

    Love this post!!!

  4. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed exploring it.

    Have a very happy birthday!

  5. have a wonderful birthday!!! may you get to have all of your favorite things today, and discover many more!

  6. Happy happy birthday!!

    I love your blog's dedication to bringing us all a daily dose of beauty. Bravo!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it's the best yet!

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday! Love your list + illustrations!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GSG! You deserve a perfect birthday so may you day be filled with joy! I have just loved getting to know you these past few months and am so blessed we connected. I hope that perhaps, somewhere down the road I might be lucky enough to meet you and call you a real life friend. You have such a positive attitude and inspire so many, again have the best birthday imaginable!

  10. Hey there! A very happy birthday to you. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  11. This is ironic, I found out in another blog that your birthday was today, so I decided to come visit and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! In getting ready to make my comment, I noticed that the last comment was from Lauren. I clicked on it and the comment is from my daughter. Is that a small world, or what? I just about fell out of my chair. LOL!!! Have a wonderful day!
    Love & blessings!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed reading your Blog! I celebrated my birthday, last Saturday! So Happy Birthday from a fellow Capricorn.

  14. Happy belated birthday!

    This post struck a chord with me. Sometimes I wonder if it is OK to post so many images of beautiful interiors, when there is so much suffering in the world, and in particular given the difficult economic times we live in.

    I have come to the same conclusion as you - it is not about acquiring a ton of material possessions, it is about appreciating the beauty that surrounds us. There is so much doom and gloom out there - look at any paper, and it is only the bad news - but the design blog world is a little bit of beauty in a (sometimes) gloomy world.

    "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." Ralph Waldo Emerson