Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Elegant Island Sanctuary

Can't you just envision a small family wedding here?  It would be perfect.  Come to Sea Island Georgia and all of your needs will be met!    

The chapel offers a Bible study on Thursday and a worship service is every Sunday morning.
The lighting at the entire resort was amazingly good.  (I'm planning an entire post on just the lighting!)  The fixtures in the chapel were some of my favorites.  Aren't they perfect for the spot?

Attention to Detail
(This picture is actually in the Solarium--but just a stones throw from the Chapel.)

Changing gears just a bit here--the marsh, as seen from the windows of 100 Hudson--one of the three Cloister restaurants.  This is what I saw every morning over breakfast.  It was delicious.  (Yes, Mrs. News Reading, I had the French toast and Mr. Green was a huge fan of the apple chicken sausage.  We were there eating on the morning of the golf tournament.  I could have been there!  Too bad we bloggers don't have a secret code or something!  I'd love to have met you.)    

"Start your day with breakfast in the inviting atmosphere of 100 Hudson with its light-filled morning aura and panoramic views of the Black Banks River."

The much adored Spanish Lounge.  This room was carefully dismantled from the original 1928  Mizner building and reassembled as you see below the post card.  -

Bridge anyone?

One of my favorite rooms was definitely the Solarium.  We made it a habit to have tea there each afternoon.  It is an amazingly beautiful room--fresh, light and airy.  
The Cloister Solarium
Even the birds have it good.  Attention to detail was not spared, even for the birds.  Notice the curtain rings. The cages were hand painted as well.  Wish I had taken a picture of the mural for you.  Now, you'll just have to go see it for yourself!

The two birdcages flanked this charming fountain.  Sun, color, nature, oh, I could go on and on.

Now, I'd like to leave you with a question.  What kind of bench is this?  The back is wooden and on a hinge.  It will swing from one side to the other, allowing one to sit in either direction.  Was it used for spectators at a sporting event?  Maybe you talented readers--uh, humm...Tartanscot or Cote de Texas, might know the answer.   Any help would be appreciated.  
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Still want more?  Brilliant Asylum has done a lovely post on The Cloister.  I hope to have more pretties for you tomorrow!


  1. What a beautiful chapel...perfect for a intimate destination wedding! I haven't been to Sea Island in years, looks like I should plan a trip!

  2. The lighting and details are amazing. You did such a great job capturing the atmosphere. I am glad you enjoyed your trip!

  3. so lovely - I am so enjoying your posts - lucky you

  4. What a great and beautiful place.
    Hopefully one day I'll be able to go there.

    The picture of the Spanish Lounge looks like part of the place where I had my wedding reception.

  5. aw dammit! I've never seen anything like those benches before . . . lol. But, let me see if I can root out an answer for you.

    The other shots are fantastic! The chapel look absolutely magical, and who (seriously WHO!) wouldn't want to have tea in that marvelous solarium.

    Can't wait to see more!

  6. Goodness - did you take these photos yourself? They are beautiful! I have been telling my husband about Sea Island - I hope we will go some time soon!

  7. The Solarium is my families' favorite room too! Also, speaking of the chapel I might be moving my future wedding back to Sea Island. Sadly, the Mayflower was sold so I am just not dead set on it anymore. Hope you are having/had an AMAZING trip!!

  8. now i want to pretty! thanks for giving me a virtual vacation. i needed that!

  9. so pretty!!!!! gorgeous!

    would that be a bench in a church????? not sure at all!

  10. Just gorgeous! I especially love the Solarium

  11. Hi, I spotted your blog name on another's comment and since I love Granny Smith apples, I had to visit.

    Isn't that a kneeling bench, like the type used in Catholic churches?

  12. So timely! We are headed to St. Simons Island next week! Just for an afternoon. I can't wait to re-visit the chapel.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

    It looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Thanks for your comment on label reading. I have learned a lot just this week.


  13. Thanks for the link. Coastal Georgia is a special place!

    Even though I am partial to Christ Church on St. Simons, the Sea Island chapel is lovely. Hopefully they can drum up some wedding business this year since they are in such a financial mess right now. Ouch!

    Did you visit the Spa? It is like a gorgeous Turkish bath!

  14. That's a great place. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is too good! I love Sea Island,would love to go back.Thanks for the visit...

  16. I've never been to Sea Island or the Cloister...but I'd love to go after seeing these pics! Thanks for your visit to my blog...enjoying reading your blog! Great score on the designer shoes! :-) Susan

  17. Thank you for stopping by the Back Porch and leaving the lovely comment!

    I've enjoyed my visit here and will add your blog to my sidebar.

  18. Hooray, I have finally found a browser that will allow me to comment! The interior of that chapel is just beautiful. I would love to attend a wedding there. What a wonderful place you've found!

  19. All these photos are simply gorgeous!

  20. How beautiful! I came by your blog from GRITS and I have been wanting to go to Sea Island forever now, you just made me want to go even more!