Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pointed Painting

9. When using white and yellow together, keep the white tones warm.
(photo: Pieter Estersohn, design: Josie McCarthy)

So, do you like the color?  I wish I could claim this as my "after" photo, but alas!  

I've spent some time this weekend painting and thinking about Lent.  You know, painting allows for quite a bit of introspection.  

"Am I going to give something up?   Should I give up blogging till Easter arrives?"  

Those thoughts crossed my mind.  Giving up blogging would be a genuine sacrifice for me.  No, I can't do it.  I'd miss all of you!  I do think that I'll add a bit more heart to my posts--and hopefully to my commenting as well.  

I'd like to ask you a few questions.  
1.  Why do you blog?  (Assuming you have a blog--if not, why do you read blogs?)
2.  What do you hope to find when you visit Granny Smith Green--do you find it?
3.  If you gave up blogging (writing and reading), what would you miss?

Now, go find something to paint so you can think about these questions.  Let me know what you come up with.  

Also, don't forget about Pearls and Grace's PEARL EVENT.  It's Sunday night, March 1 at 7:00 PM, in the NYC/tri-state area.  It's not too late to get a seat.  Email her now   It's bound to be a blessing!   


  1. I thought about giving up blogging for Lent as well but I think I will just set limits for blogging during this time. These are great questions...somedays I don't know why I blog. I love the freshness and the beauty of your blog and I always find it! I think I would miss the interaction with so many like minded women and the sharing of ideas. Hope you don't mind I added you to my blog roll! :)

  2. These are good questions: one thing I love about reading others' blogs is just learning a bit about life in other parts of the country - finding out everyone's similarities and differences. I feel like blogging is the modern-day version of pen pals.

    I love all your gorgeous photos!

  3. Beautiful photo, love this room! Can't wait to see yours.

  4. blogging is an outlet to express what is oon your mind at a given time. love it!

  5. Blogging began as an outlet, for me, while grieving for our infant grandson, who lost his fight for life when he was 2 hours old. We knew to expect our loss, several months in advance of his birth, but, it was still extremely hard for us. It happened just before the holidays of 06. In March of 07, after being encouraged by friends who were blogging and still do, I began Back Porch Musings.

    After 2 years I continue to blog. I view it as a creative outlet. My photography hobby has grown and I have grown, through blogging.

    I find wonderful inspiration when visiting Granny Smith Green.

    I would miss the online friendships and support I've known, if I were to give up reading/writing blogs.

    I've added you to my blog roll and enjoy checking in here.

  6. I just found your blog and I enjoy the beautiful pictures. I started our blog as a way to chronicle our adoption journey. Since then it has become a way for friends and family far and near to keep up with us and our daily lives. Through my blog I also hope to inspire others. I so long for others to know the blessings of our Heavenly Father.

  7. i have just started blogging so i am not ready to give it up for lent!
    i am just loving that others are discussing lent! it is a lovely time to reflect on what is truly important in life. thank you for the mention...
    i love your blog and will be checking in...

  8. I've actually been thinking about this for the last few days since you posted your query . . . let me see if I can come up with some answers:

    Why do I blog? Frankly, I can't quite tell yet. I started writing at the advice of a friend back in October of last year. I'm working on a book and she suggested writing a blog as a way to get my creative juices flowing for the book. (the blog's been great fun as well . . . lol, the book, on the other hand, is still moving quite slowly.)

    Why do I read GSG? It's because of the joy that you clearly find in life and the delight that you find in good design.

    And, I can't imagine giving up blogging at this point. There is such a vibrant community of people here. I look forward to seeing what inspires you and reflecting on my own inspirations.

    And, yes, many of us have wrestled with our desire to sacrifice something this Lent. But, I hope that this sacrifice would be something that would bring our lives into clearer focus . . . and NOT being around those who share your passions would seem to be counter-productive.

    thanks for the challenging questions!

  9. Granny -
    Oh, you are good. Blogging has opened a door to me being a better me.
    My mission has been one to create, design, and inspire an artful life. I know in one fast year, that my mission is being honored by many. Eternally grateful and in awe am I. The love, the positive energy motivates me to know that many are touched by my gift for art and to express this is what was intended. So, blogging in it's own way has given me and so many others a "purpose" to share, to give and to spread strength, light, joy and grace. Now God would want no one to hide it under a bushel basket.
    My Father has always said, "Lent is a time to look in the mirror and to see hope" - and to realize the sacrifice made for us, for our hopes. Often giving up - giving in - giving it all is really what was intended.
    Choosing good and realizing that if we are all on this 40 day lenten focus to realize this, then we are better able to make a shift and will look in that mirror and see good. I see blogging as good.
    "Pearls of Grace" was all about love, and how each of us are truly loved.
    We need to spread the love.
    You spread love so well.

  10. I am hesitant to go after the beautiful comment by PVE. What beautiful sentiments!

    I started my blog in 2007 as a way to express my love for art, architecture, and design. As I once read somewhere (maybe here?) 'beauty is God's handwriting' (Emerson). I am a visual person, and having a place to express my amazement and gratitude for the beauty in this world, in particular through art, architecture, and design, is a way of celebrating the magnificence of human creativity. Finding kindred spirits who love so many of the same things that I love has been such a blessing.

    I visit your blog for inspiration, and I love the spiritual foundation that is part of many of the posts.

    In a world filled with bad news everywhere I look, I see blogs (or at least, the blogs I frequent - I avoid the ones that are meanspirited) to be one of the places where I get to look at and read about the good things, the inspirational things, the beautiful things. If I were to give up blogging (reading and writing), I would miss the little cozy corner of my world where I can find these inspirations.

    Your post has got me thinking. Always the sign of a great post!

  11. I gave up blogging last ear and it was hard but very good. I am Catholic and Sundays are not Lent so I blogged once a week. I began blogging to documents our daughter's adoption and keep a scrapbook of sorts for our family. I never imagined anyone else would read it! Now it gets about 1300 hits a day. I blog as a creative outlet for myself and as a journal for my family. I hope it brings something to those who stop by.

    I am a new reader to your blog but I see beauty and grace when I come here.


  12. Very beautiful room! I think I blog because it's a way to journal/chat about things on my mind or things that just catch my eye that I'd like to share with others. Honestly, sometimes I read what I've written & have no clue where it came from! I don't think I'd ever be able to give it up for Lent because I'd miss my reader's sweet comments too!

  13. I started to blog as an outlet. I love talking about girlie stuff, so it is fun to share ideas with other like minded people. I had no idea how many kind, fun people I would meet in the process.

    I love reading your blog! You always have such beautiful interiors.

    Enjoy your week!

  14. Wow! That's such a lovely space/image. I love visiting your blog because of such lovely rooms and spaces.

    I blog to release some stress, it never fails to calm and relax me whenever I look at nice eye-candies. And I would definitely miss it a lot. Actually, I took a two-week vacation from blogging and visiting/lurking other blogs.

  15. I love that picture - Josie is such a great designer - isn't that image gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! love it - and no, I am not giving up blogging for lent either - I'm Jewish! that's why!
    hahahaha - but even if I was Catholic, I still couldn't do that.

  16. I really enjoy your blog, and it's hard to put a finger on why. I think it is inspiring, and you include such beautiful pictures. :)

  17. whoaa ,, your blog is so inspiring !! with real photos wish i love for their spontanious way of showing reality . I so glad you came by ,,, and sorry if I killed you ;-) but I'm sure you have many life . see you around ,

  18. 1. Why do you blog? I do it to remember all the little moments and thoughts in my life - so I can revisit later - and also show the rest of the world who I am - maybe someone will find me interesting enough to read :)
    2. What do you hope to find when you visit Granny Smith Green--do you find it? Everything is just so great!!! The pictures you post are truly beautiful - Its as if we can live your life for the 30 seconds we read! I love it!
    3. If you gave up blogging (writing and reading), what would you miss? I would miss reading all the comments :)

  19. Hi Granny:

    Excellent question! I love to blog when I find things that really inspire me and I love to write about them & share with people with the same commonality - like you! My blogging has been very sporadic here lately (job searching, I'm afraid) so while sitting here in my new office (Bohemian coffee shop ) listing to Bob Marley with all the hip twenty somethings, I thought I would try to catch up on what I really love! Thanks for a great post!