Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sea Island Bliss!

Remember the teaser from yesterday's post?  Well here it is:  The Cloister at Sea Island, GA.  Originally built in the 1920's, the resort has undergone a complete transformation.  
The Cloister Beach Club

Mr. Green was very generous and gave me a get-a-way to the Golden Isles for my birthday.  He will be taking me for some much needed rest and relaxation quite soon.   Who wouldn't want to lounge around in the Cloister Solarium?  Just look at all of the color.  I'm thinking spring!   
The Cloister Solarium

This is the Palm Corridor.  Notice the painting.  It looks like it was inspired by Martin Johnson Heade.  Aren't the wall sconces beautiful?  The orchids!
The Cloister Palm Corridor

Let's hope that the weather will be pleasant enough to take advantage of all of the beautiful outdoor spaces.
The Cloister Dock

It has been years since we have been.  I wonder what things have changed and what has stayed the same--besides the obvious building changes.  Any of you who have been lately, let me know what you consider to be the "must do's".  PaperCourt, News Readin' Wife and Hospy,  I know you have stories to tell.  I am looking forward to hearing about all of your experiences!  

(and THANK YOU to Mr. Green!)


  1. i'm in complete vacation lust right now! i want to go. it looks amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh - It is stunning. I am so wanting Springtime :-)

  3. okay . .. here's the deal -

    you can come with me on my next vacation to London, but I wanna come with you to Sea Island . . lol.

    stunning post !

  4. That looks like it will be so much fun! Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous! Adding this to my ever-expanding list of fantasy vacation destinations.

  6. How gorgeous! I would LOVE to go there.

  7. OMG, I lurve the Clositer. Thanks for a lovely post!

  8. So that is NOT where I had my reception. But it looks very similar from the outside. I got nothin' to offer...sorry :-(

    My reception was at the Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL. A far cry from the lovely Cloister!

  9. I love the Cloister, but have not been since the renovation. I look forward to hearing all about it -- and seeing your pictures of course.
    What a wonderful gift!

  10. I LOVE the Cloister! Haven't been in years but I hope to go back soon! What a great present.

  11. We went last summer to see what change hath wrought...well, the croquet court and the little chip shot golf green are gone...and the WONDERFUL beach club is gone...in their places, the new good things are: the pools are waaaay bigger, and lovelier, an oldfashioned ice cream store by the pool, the little shop nearby is expanded and improved with lots of cute things like bright turqoise leather items by Baedeker and damask disposable place mats! You MUST visit the G8 room with the inlad table with each nations flag embedded in the wood and of course, do Bingo with Billy Bingo! they moved the stables farther off site to a gorgeous spot that looks like something straight out of kentucky! there's lots more but that should get your apetite whetted!

  12. ooh that place is gorgeous! I love that last photo

  13. This is one of our favorite places, we go every year with some good friends and their kids and have a wonderful time. Great present!!!

  14. Wow. That looks so beautiful! What a wonderful present!

  15. My daughter went down to Sea Island with her college friends for spring break last year and loved it!! My hubby and I honeymooned at Jekyll Island, Georgia many years ago and we went over to the Cloister to look around. It was beautiful then, but WOW, does it look great now, or what? You all will have a fabulous time!
    Love & blessings from NC!

  16. Granny - please extend a "Well done!" to Mr. Green for me.

    The News Readin' Husband is from that neck of the woods, so we get a little more SI annually than humanly deserved. :)

    Must dos:
    Sunset drinks in the River Bar or Big George's at the Beach Club. Beach or river views that cannot be beat

    Rainbow Island excursion - it's the untouched nature that inspired Coffin to open a resort there in the '20's.

    Spend a day at the Spa. It is unreal. You can easily spend a full day relaxing and reinvigorating - take the Rhumba class with Christina if you can! You'll deserve a massage after...

    Dinner in the Georgia Room is bar none. Save it for a night that you are looking to indulge.

    Mr. Green deserves a drink over at the Lodge in the Oak Bar. Inspired by the fabled Oak Bar at the Plaza - he'll enjoy the atmosphere.

    Tea in the Spanish Lounge with a good book. They painstakingly took apart the room to maintain its integrity during the demolition of the old hotel. It's my favorite space.

    Don't leave without having a Gold Brick Sundae!

    There are always tons of activities planned - wellness cuisine demonstrations, tours of the wine cellar, architectural history walking tours, etc. Do as much as you can - they are always interesting.

    Enjoy, Granny. My apologies for long comment -

    Mrs. NR

  17. I went to Sea Island as a kid! I don't remember it at all. I do haev a trip to the Greenbrier in WV coming up. Did you ever go there?

  18. Have a wonderful time! I love Sea Island but have never stayed there. Looking forward to your stories....

  19. Oh my ... you will love the Clositer. Heaven on earth ;) Have a fabulous time!


  20. I was just looking up rates for The Cloister on expedia to see about going there. About $700 was the cheapest room! Whoa!

    I'm dying to go!

  21. What a beautiful resort! I am glad you had a fun birthday!