Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watch out for it!

This is how I've felt for the past 12 hours.
I'm better now and can actually type on the computer.

The FLU!
It hit me like a ton of bricks. You don't want it.

I don't know if it's the dreaded H1N1 or not, I just know you don't want the flu.

Like Mama always said, "Wash your hands, Doll".


  1. Ooh, I'm so very sorry! I do hope you feel better soon. You know, I've never had the flu and I certainly hope it doesn't find me this year!

    Hot tea and sleep!!

  2. oh, sweetie! feel better soon. yes, tea and sleep will do wonders.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this....I have had the flu, not H1N1, but your basic garden variety nasty hurt all over flu. I am really feeling for you...I tried to sleep through as much of it as possible. Nyquil was my friend night & day, and when awake I forced fluids.
    You will be better soon so hang in there!
    Let us all know how you are...ok
    xoxo Lisa

  4. Feel better sweetie. I hope yours goes as quickly as Will's did.

  5. So very sorry you've been under the weather and not feeling well.
    God bless and be well,

  6. So sorry you have been sick! That picture is hilarious! Hope you are feeling better really soon!! xoxo

  7. So sorry to hear you've been struck with the nasty flu :( ... Feel better soon!

  8. I am so sorry that you've been sick! Yuck! That picture at the top cracks me up. I hope you are on the mend.

  9. I have not felt well since Tuesday night...I stayed in bed all day Wed & Thur and I really think it was the flu...not the stomach kind, but the chest and head kind...I hurt everywhere..couldn't get rid of the headache and I just slept the whole time. Today is Saturday and I am finally feeling alive again.
    Hope you feel better quickly!

  10. I hope you feel better soon, please take care and drink lots of warm vegetable soup and enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches - germ fighting fare.

    But I must admit the picture is inspired and I giggled at the video (after memorising) - I never expected to see a rap on here, you always come across as genteel and Southern. Love it. Feel better soon, xxx.

  11. Just checking in on you...hope you're seeing the end of it soon.
    xo Lisa

  12. Aw! Glad to know your feeling better now. I've read your latest post and fegured i should take a look at your other post so here i am leaving comment and i must say you have a lot of very green and beautiful stuff here. i absolutely love it.

  13. LOL! you certainly got the FLUE, the youTube video definitely defines what your feeling today.

  14. Hope you are feeling better! Lots of hand washing, rest and tea with lemon.

  15. I am so sorry you were under the weather! I hear that flu season this year is going to be terrible. I hope you are back to normal now!

    Enjoy your week!

  16. okay, i know you must be feeling better...but OMG!!! what a hysterical video you found. so funny. love it.

    it is so true. wash your hands. oh, the little germs my oldest is getting into with school. yikes. it is scarey. we have made a song out of washing our hands. but not a rap. wish i was that smart to make one, and then post it on youtube. :)