Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Planning to Bloom!

I know it's hard to think about spring when fall has just arrived.

Did you know that fall is the best time to plant?

I'm dreaming big. I keep thinking about what may pop out of the ground in the spring.

Wouldn't you enjoy wandering around in a garden full of color and fragrance right now?

Have you planted anything in anticipation of the months ahead?

(photos BHG website)

On a deeper note, I was thinking about how we are all kind of like flower bulbs.
What, you ask? Well, think about it.
God has an amazing plan for all of us to grow, bloom and flourish.
We sometimes are dry, covered in dirt, feeling like the rain may never end--and look what happens with proper nourishing, good roots and time:


  1. I miss my garden already. We have had a really cold fall here in Michigan. The gardens above are beautiful. Our garden is full of perenials but I am thinking about pre-ordering a David Austin's bare root English Rose for spring planting if I can find a pot for it.

  2. I shall be planting more bulbs, no doubt.
    And I am incredibly tempted by the wisteria in your first photo...but all the gardeners I know tell me to steer clear and enjoy it elsewhere!

  3. I do NOT have a green thumb to save my life. My HOAs garden club is taking orders for fall planting, and I soooo want to order some bulbs, but, I cannot plant or garden--it's so sad!

  4. Bulbs...bulbs... and more bulbs-it's so worth it come spring. Thank you for your dear comment-

  5. Great Post Miss GSG. I may be breaking up with Don Draper. He is just too much to deal with nowadays ;-) xoxo

  6. I have been planting a lot of things this last month--foxglove seeds (those will take 2 years to bloom, but I did try some hybrid ones that should only take a year), stock, and columbine (I'm trying those again, but they have never grown for me in the past). My johnny jump-ups and larkspur have already started to grow; those won't bloom until spring but they will grow all fall and winter here (as will the stock, if it comes up!).

    I am planting bulbs, but I have to wait until they cool in the refrigerator for 10 weeks. Spring is here in late January/early February, so they start growing as soon as they go in the ground (it's only been 4 weeks in the fridge so far).

    Right now my David Austin roses are blooming, and my vincas are still flowering. I also have stock and pansies blooming by the front door. Pansies grow all winter here.

    My fall vegetables are mostly planted, but I have a few more to go. I spend a lot of time in the garden now, and the weather is really beautiful here.

    Right now I'm harvesting pomegranates, and the lemons are almost ready.