Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall has Fallen


  1. Perfect picture!! Oh my gosh. Don???? It looks like I might get him after all, but now I'm afraid he's gonna remain desperately in love with Betts. Duck and Peggy are grossing me out worse than ever! And that darn Henry. That scene when Betty walks in and they are both looking at her!! WOW! Don is so much better looking. I thought Henry really didn't look as handsome in that episode as he had in the past. Done on purpose I'm sure. I can't believe there is only one epi left! Can the show survive without Don and Betts together? I'm not sure. What do you think? I"m not sure it will work for me anyway. xoxo

  2. Yesterday the kids and I ran throught he park crunching all the leaves that had fallen. What a wonderful sound!

  3. wow~~~~~~
    at first I thought those were pebbles - those are all leaves? amazing! happy raking someone.