Monday, December 7, 2009

A House that Needs a Party

Have you ever seen a house that just needs to have a party? Well, here's one for you.

The coats are being taken.
(Side note: Meg at Pigtown Design, this is what I envisioned for your office foyer!)

The trays are passed.

There is a bountiful spread covering the table--and fabulous china too!

Relaxing after dinner.

Lively post-party conversation in the kitchen.

Off to sleep after a delightful evening...

to rise in the morning for a swim...

and a walk.

I hope this Monday brings your much happiness--and maybe a party invitation in the mail!
Didn't that house need some life in it? It looks like it was made for entertaining.
How about hosting at your house? Anyone having a great Christmas party at home this year?

Oh, and if you want to host a party in this house, you can. It's for sale, just under 4 million.

(thanks MLS for the photos)


  1. That house has some major party potential! I am all over it, can you lend me 5 million, I need the extra for fabulous part favors!

  2. 5 Million Cricket? In my neck of the woods I'd say a cool $20 million -- in this recession! ;)

    Lovely post!!!

  3. oooooh....
    can i come?
    i will even 'bring on' my ole' texas southern accent to fit in.


  4. I can see it now. With Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant drinking their pink champagne on the lawn under chinese lanterns!

  5. Yes, definitely the house for an elegant affair. We are hosting a Christmas cocktail party for about 120 this Friday night...what am I doing on the blogs?????

  6. Sounds fabulous.

    Now buy the house and we can all come to your party! ;)

  7. wow! that house does need a party!

  8. I wish we had a staircase like this one! Ours is nice, but pretty straight. We did love the yellow, but our psychiatrists told us that more people fight in yellow rooms than any other colour! I should have some pix of the hall today. It's looking great!

  9. It's lovely! It would certainly be an inviting way to entertain.


  10. When shall we arrive? Loveliness but indeed lonely.

  11. That is a beautiful home, I would love to have a party there!! Wanna come?! Love your blog and following along now!

  12. I would love to attend a party in that house! It is breathtaking! Wow!! And even better than attending a party there would be throwing a party there, but I don't quite have $4 million right now... maybe someday :)

  13. love this house! Definitely in need of a soiree!

  14. Speaking of Soiree,,,
    Wish I could rent that for one night.
    I have to do something for the
    local artists here for Christmas.
    It is really a task. My Daughter
    helped last October.
    Once again thanks for all the effort you put into the post. A Lovely house.

  15. Your blog is so lovely! Thank you for stopping by mind and thank you for your sweet words of wisdom. I realize I have a lot to think about with an investment bag! :o)

  16. Oh wow....sigh...beautiful house. Thank you for sharing those photos! I'm getting my 4 mill together right now so I can buy it. j/k

  17. Just stopped in to check on you.
    The post is beautiful came back for second look..


  18. Must be in Detroit (Grosse Pointe) Great house!

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