Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Must Haves

Spring fever has gotten the best of me.
I've been busy planning and dreaming of the garden.

Just this morning I made a list of the absolute "must haves" in my garden:

1. camellias
Southern Gardening: Camellia

2. gardenias
Southern Gardening: Gardenia

3. roses
Carefree Roses

4. jasmine
Vines: Growing Up

5. hydrangea
Dreamy Hydrangeas

6. dogwood
March 2009: Around Your Garden Florida

7. crepe myrtle
Southern Gardening: Crepe Myrtle

8. boxwood
Planning for Perfection

9. azaelia
Southern Gardening: Azalea

10. magnolia
(all photos Southern Living)
(unknown first photo)

These are my top 1o, in no particular order.
What are your top 10?


Yes, I too am a tremendous fan of the peony.
As a matter of fact, my list was "top 11", but that just didn't have the same ring.
Guess what I did today?
I bought 10 glorious peony plants!


  1. I just purchased 17 one gal dwarf boxwoods and 3 flats of light pink, white and bright pink impatiens. Next I am onto some new ferns for the shade garden. I just love Spring and all of your picts are very inspirational, Happy Wednesday, Kathysue

  2. How beautiful!! I think my list would be pretty close to yours. I would want tons of colorful annuals too
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Great list!! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite but I have not had much luck with them.

  4. Hydrangeas and Gardenias. My garden is full of them!

  5. Beautiful picks, my garden is full of gardenias right now and it's making me so happy!

  6. What a lovely list ~ I'm envious that you are able to begin planting. I just purchased 3 rose bushes for our yard ~ I've never grown roses so I'm a tad nervous with this adventure.

    Happy spring ~

  7. I think I have them all n mine except for the hydrangea...which I do LOVE! I also love peonies and had them in my VA garden but we cannot grow them here in TX:(

  8. FABULOUS list! I'm thrilled to say I have all of them, at least in some form or fashion. Like the previous poster, also love peonies and am trying to get them to grow in GA but without any luck.

    I'd add tea olive- great evergreen shrub/small tree with delicate but very fragrant flowers.

  9. Peonies, Peonies and more Peonies.
    There isn't anything more beautiful or more fragrant!

    So happy to see your post this morning!!!

    Miss you!!!


  10. You know what...I think that your garden loves you just as much as you love your garden!
    Happy spring and thank you for such a beautiful post.
    I will be posting soon on the tools needed.
    xo Lisa

  11. Ahhhh, to have a southern garden. So many of those plants, unfortunately, would not survive our freezing northen winter. Beautiful inspiration.

  12. Love all your choices! I miss my peonies and hydrangeas from our old garden. Containers and hanging plants are on my list but have to wait until after Mother's Day..seems so long away.

  13. In addition you MUST HAVE: Tea Olive, Daphne, Wisteria 'Amethyst Falls', Viburnum tinus (evergreen w/winter blooms), Chinese Snowball, Contorted Filbert, kerria, pieris, rosemary, French lavender, daffodils.

    Can't imagine living in a zone without these dear friends.

    Aren't we lucky !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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  15. oh i so totally agree! we're still in an apartment, but as soon as we get a house i'm going to do some serious planting. for now i'm getting as many live plants in my place as possible!

  16. Love gardenia, peonies and dhalias. I've never had a cutting garden--but this year I'm giving it a go! I have dreams of fresh cut flowers weekly! Wonderful photos too!