Monday, May 3, 2010

It is with Much JOY

***Due to the flooding of Opryland in Nashville,
THE PEARL EVENT has been canceled.***
Now, I'm just hanging on to see when and where the next event will be.
I'll keep you posted!

It is with much joy that I tell you all about
Nashville, TN
June 26th

My dear friend, Pearls and Grace, will be speaking at this ladies event and
is sure to warm the heart of everyone present.

Yesterday was Mrs. Pearls and Grace's birthday!
I hope she had the most wonderful, fun-filled day possible.

Please visit her blog and find out what has inspired The Pearl Event.
You will be so glad you did.

I'd love to know if you are going to attend The Pearl Event.
Just leave me a comment here!


  1. Thank you so much Gran.....means so much that you would share about the event. Thank you too for the birthday bloggy love!

    You made my heart smile today. Thank you for your love, support and friendship!

    So looking forward to Nashville in J une!!

    Big Hug,


  2. I am SO excited! I will be there!!

  3. I wish I were going, but it is too far for us to drive for the weekend. I know it will be wonderful. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. So, is there a block of rooms for us yet? xoxo

  5. you know i would love to go.
    my buddy renae moore is attending.
    but i can't make it.
    take tons if pics and post them.

  6. i would love to go. i love her blog.

  7. beautiful post, GSG!
    you are a treasured friend to P&G!

    hoping we will meet soon. a little pearly bird mentioned that a speaking engagement might be in the works. i think this is perfect timing for our girl.


  8. i would SO love to be there... someday soon ... until then i will love hearing all about it from you my dear. xo pam

  9. My kids are headed down to nashville in a few weeks with their youth group to help out. We pray that everyone is recovering. I'm so sorry that Sibi's event was literally rained out. Knowing her, she will pick everyone up by their bootstraps and move on & it will be wonderful.
    xo Lisa