Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometime You Need a Treat

Every now and then, you need a treat.
It can come in many different forms from simple to dramatic.

Personally, I like a good hotel getaway.
A relaxing hotel stay can be like going to the spa.

My most recent "treat" was at the St. Regis.

Isn't this a lovely way to dress a passageway?

The main lobby is a mixture of what I'd call modern French.

(photos above from the St. Regis. Thank you for the pleasant stay.)

Here are some detailed photographs that I took.
The bathroom fixtures that I noticed were Kohler and Kallista (basically the same company).

I thought this was a cleaver idea: sliding mirrored French doors.
The doors opened to connect the bedroom to the bathroom.
The construction was quite simple, operating like barn doors.
Notice how the hardware is hidden under the molding.

The lighting was a modern traditional mix- all chrome/nickel and crystal.

Two more nice touches to the bath: a hidden television behind one of the mirrors,

and an environmentally friendly dual flush toilet.

So what kind of "treats" do you like?


  1. Simply gorgeous! I love the pops of Robin's Egg blue throughout.

  2. I love the fixtures. We need to redo ours, so this gave me some good ideas.
    I have very simple tastes when it comes to treats. A nice walk with my husband and sometimes kiddos. We have a lovely greenbelt system by our house. An individual serving of Haagen Daz "Dulce De Leche". My husband brought one home from the grocery for me. It's tiny, sweet, perfect size and thoughtful.

  3. I'll take any treat right about now, a quiet dinner out sounds perfect. The St. Regis was a fabulous choice; very regal.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, it's almost here!

  4. alright......!

    this looks like an amazing hotel.
    -love the mirrored french doors.
    and i would just like you to know
    that if i were feeling indecisive .....
    the flush choices could be stressful.

    hahahaha love xxx

  5. wow. your treat looks amazing.

    my treat would be a day the phone doesn't ring.

  6. I with you girlie :) Nothing like a fancy hotel. I would rather stay one weekend a year in a 5-star than 2 weeks in a motel on vacation. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

  7. that is the nicest hotel i've ever seen! i dont think i would even care if i left. i would just stay inside the whole time:) i've been thinking about changing our closet door out and doing something mirrored like this.

  8. hmm, treats, there are so many, but while on holiday I really value fresh ironed sheets, thick walls and deep bath tubs with the most amazing robes. Looks like you had a stunning time, thanks for sharing darling.

  9. First of all, I just found your blog and LOVE it!! Will be keeping up! Secondly, I love the marble in the restroom - gorgeous treat!

  10. Oh lucky you! I don't know what kind of treat I need. I always get great pleasure in being with good friends!

  11. What a treat!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  12. Oh that lobby is stunning.
    My favourite everyday treat is a mocha and a muffin!

  13. hey sweet bloggy friend!!! thanks for stopping by I am so new at this blog stuff....pearls and grace is my blog "mentor" she is precious to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! You have great style! Love your latest post....I live close to ATL and stay at the St. Regis as much as I can when I come to ATL to gorgeous, so serene....I think God created gifted people to decorate like that so we could enjoy it!!!! stay in touch!

  14. I actually patterned my new bathroom on the one in our room at Four Seasons near La Jolla....

  15. That hotel is so fab and luxurious... I love luxurious baths and a day in the spa.

  16. I love the St. Regis hotels. Shanghai and San Francisco being my favorites of the ones I've stayed in. Which one is this? Sorry for my ignorance...

  17. Morning!

    Just wanted to stop in and let you know that I was thinking about you this morning! Hope we can catch up in real time this week!

    Miss you!!

  18. This looks so beautiful and elegant. You did such a good job capturing everything with your pictures. I feel almost as though I have been there.