Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sultry September

September may have arrived, but here in the American South, it's hot as blue blazes!

I don't want to rush any season, so I'm still savoring, ah hem, the sweltering weather.

For those of you who are feeling that crisp in the air, how about some green velvet?

We can always count on Bunny Williams' interiors to make us feel warm and cozy!


  1. I'm in love with this picture! Saving it for my inspiration files ... hope you don't mind. :) P.S. - it's hotter than he** here, too! :)

  2. Hi there. For quite some time, my computer would freeze when I tried to open your blog. Thankfully, it worked today. The green velvet is lovely! It's still hot where I am too.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color green. It's such a rich and elegant color. I'm melting down in Houston. I'm so happy that September has finally arrived. That means I'll be able to come out of hibernation from my AC cave.

    Don't you just love Bunny Williams. She's so fabulous.

  4. I actually might like it in a different color!
    I'm ready for fall to get here for real!

  5. I love the unexpected blues in the picture!! xoxo

  6. hi friend... i havent fallen off the planet just a bit overwhelmed... leaving for another week than i promise we will pick up where we left off...

    missing you.. hope you had a delightful summer despite the weather... xx

  7. yes, well....

    green velvet reminds me of scarlet o'hara making a dress out of the green velvet drapes at 'tara.'

    ps love the new banner :0

  8. Thank-you for for a sultry, in a good kind of way, setting. I love Bunny but you my dear have the prettiest page this morning with your smart & crisp new header. Happy to report that I have not glowed in a couple of days. Thank you Lord for two crisp Kentucky days so that I can be in my right mind! XO Lisa

  9. Oooh...lovely green, looks fabulous with your header! But the thought of velvet (in this heat) gives me hives!