Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Few Blackberry Pictures

(Above, the Farm House-our place, and The Barn--actually a dining room and a 125,000 bottle wine cellar!)

O.K., imagine this:  there's 4200 acres to enjoy, divided by 88 guest=so that's each of us individually having 47 acres of privacy!  How could you not relax and enjoy yourself?
Theses were taken by a member of our party--and party it was!

This is a view on the edge of the garden. If you so desired, a picnic could be delivered here--or anywhere on the property for that matter.   We never had a meal in the garden, but we did have a "tomato tasting", sampling some delicious heirloom varieties.  

Ahh, the farmhouse that we called home.  It was just delightful.  The structure is new, but made to look authentic to the region.  I thought it was almost perfect.  (My one complaint:  Do you really need 9 (yes, 9) televisions for a three bedroom farmhouse?  I don't think so.  I had actually read that in the earlier days of B.F., one must request a telephone or television.)  I shouldn't complain at all--the accomodations were great.  More on the interiors later! 

Did I mention just how delicious the food was? Here is a picture from our casual lunch. This is a BBQ in a mason jar. Isn't it cute? What I'll have to show you later was the tremendous spread that accompanied this little delight. Oh, the food was excellent!
So, what do you think so far?  Have any of you been?  Would you want to go?  You know, most of us Southern girls are "a little bit country"!  Leave me a comment and let me know what you'd like for me to tell you about the trip.  


  1. more more more, please!! looks fabulous and that bbq in a mason jar, brilliant. what else did they serve with that meal. how cute would that meal be for a jack and jill shower. love it, looking forward to more!

  2. Love all of the photos! It looks so delightful and relaxing. And the idea of a meal in a mason jar is so fun! Would be a cute idea for a casual summmer dinner.

  3. Holy gaucamole! It looks divine! So beautiful and perfect. Yeah, we're just going to need more pictures all around :)

    It's gorgeous! I'd be there in a heartbeat if we weren't spending so much blasted $$ on our house!! (oh, and school, and you know, life in general--dang grown up responsibilities--why can I vacation??)

  4. Looks divine! I actually just read about this place in the most recent "Southern Accents" & thought to myself, "Hey, isn't there a blogger I know who went there . . ."

    More photos please!

  5. It looks amazing . God I would give anything to have spent some of my summer there.

  6. Awww... that place looks so idyllic and breathtaking. Such an impressive farmhouse, so grand. I would love to have one of those someday.

  7. It looks like you had the absolute best time. I have never been to Blackberry farm, but spent loads of time at the Mayflower Inn in CT. They are somewhat similar so I just know I would adore BF too. You cannot beat a weekend full of beauty and relaxtaion with those you love!

  8. Love this post - looks like so much fun! And I love anything that comes in a Mason jar! Only southern girls can appreciate that kind of flair!

  9. Such a beautiful and blissfully relaxing place! Loved the photos.