Friday, August 22, 2008

Shopping in Atlanta

I need your help folks!  I'm shopping in Atlanta this weekend--yipee!

I have a limited amount of time to make the rounds, so I want your advice.  If possible, I'd like for you to focus on the north half of the perimeter. When I'm going back with more time, we can focus on the other areas.  

So, what to you think--Ikea?  Ballard Designs Outlet--Ballard's Backroom, Mrs. Howard?  What are your top five "must -shop" stops?  You know, I'm always up for eye candy and better yet, a bargain!


  1. there's a ballard design outlet AND dog, i had no clue! man, we really need to move back to the south...have fun and take some photos!

  2. Blackberry farm looked fabuous! Would love to see some pics of Atlanta if you take any - I'm quite fascinated by Georgia - I just imagine it to modern and high tec in Atlanta of course but also so Southern, and charming and colonial. Have a great time and a successful shopping trip!

  3. Have a great weekend shopping! I am jealous to get to do Ballard Designs budget style.

  4. You must go Mrs. Howard! Have you seen Sept/Oct issue of Southern Accents? Nice article on Blackberry Farm - I wish I could go!