Monday, September 22, 2008

Farm Fantasy Part III--the master suite

Ahhh!  The master bedroom.  Lovely and relaxing.  The walls are chocolate brown.  This room shows contrast to perfection.    

Here's a little closer view of the great lamp and the walls/ceilings.  Note that the ceilings are planks and the crown moulding is rather simple.  Look at how the curtain rod was hung as well. 

There is a door to the left that leads to a private porch with rockers.  The double doors lead to the bathroom and walk in closet.  To the right of the fireplace is an amazing secretary.  Why didn't I get a picture of that?  Oh, well.  I suppose I'll have to just go back!

Shall we have a collective gasp over the bathroom?  I adore this!  Just look at how the mirrors were addressed.  Isn't that great!  The natural light and view are hardly obstructed.  (Oh, and the VIEW!!!!!)

Don't you just want to run you hands over this surface!  Another thing to note--gray grout--so smart!  Timeless.  This bath would be stylish in 1925 or 2025.

Could you soak in this tub for an hour or what?  Note the discrete flat screen at the foot of the tub too.  The shower is to the right--and would hold six people.  Huge.  It did have double everything--two rain shower heads, two hand showers, etc.  

This picture is just a little bonus.  This is the window out of my room upstairs.  You saw the rest of this suite in the first Blackberry post.  Who couldn't curl up here?  And look at that view!

Of everything that you have seen, what do you like the most?  Have you seen anything that turned you off?  I'd like to hear it all.  

We have more to see.  I'll keep you posted this week!


  1. I love that tub! I think you would really like some of the homes Cathy Kincaid does, you should check out her website and some of her most recent magazine appearances for inspiration!

  2. I think I need to make a trip for some design inspiration. Girls weekend anyone?

    Thank you for sharing and keep them coming! I'm drooling.

  3. It looks so cozy! I love the bedroom! Who wouldn't want to take a long hot bath with a nice flat screen tv to catch your favorite show on? I wouldn't won't to leave if I spent a few days there!

  4. I am ready to have myself committed there.
    Sign me up - You will find me in that tub.

  5. Like a dream! I loooove everything!!! great blog!

  6. this is a great beautiful. Made me happy and smile. Nice.

  7. Particularly, the window placed so that the natural light is appreciated. I adore the window over the tub.

  8. Love this room! chocolate...mmmm.... Great blog! following you now!


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