Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Farm Fantasy Part II

Here is the second bedroom upstairs.  I want to point out a rather interesting use of bookcases.  If you'll notice there are actually six different bookcases behind the bed.  They are white, brown and black across the top and the opposite across the bottom.  Style Court was discussing how to artfully place books just today.  The one problem I have with the set up shown below is that I'm a reader.   The books are all covered in white paper--no titles to be found.  I'd have to at least pencil the titles onto the spines.

Don't you just adore the headboard's shape?   

This is what you'd see if you were sitting in the wing chair (featured in the previous photo).
That's a TV and small coffee maker to the far right.  Why go to the kitchen for coffee?
The doors to the left lead to another great bathroom.

This picture really doesn't do the space justice.  I wish you could see the wall sconces up close.  The feature "old style" bulbs (or lamps if you want to be "design correct").  I appreciate the fact that each bathroom had different hardware.  The designers thought of it as a home, not a hotel.  Also, there were flowers (primarily from the garden) in every room in local pottery vases.  

Here is a glimpse of the shower and the walk-in closet to the right.