Saturday, September 13, 2008

IKE Brings Us Together!

My heart is warmed to read just how concerned one blogger is for another.  

I was reading the comments on Cote de Texas and was so refreshed by everyone's concern for Joni in Texas.

Also, see The Rauths.  Her in-laws may have water all in there home!  Bless them.  It doesn't look good from the photographs.  

On a much lighter note, please check out Southern Inspirations.  We both have somewhat of a theme going with our "rural" inspired design posts.  If you like my Farm pictures, you'll like her barn pictures as well.

I suppose one reason we all choose to blog is simply to connect with others. Keep up the love everyone--isn't it great! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend.     


  1. My paryers are going out to each and every person who was effected by Ike. Luckily, things in Dallas were not near as bad as they thought they might be. After a little rain and thunder there is not a cloud in our sky today.

  2. Thanks Granny - the comments I've gotten have been so helpful. I just wish I could respond to everyone asap. We still have no power. I'm in the car with my laptop pulling power from the car battery. It's crazy. so boring!! Half the neighborhood has lights. help me!!! haha
    thanks for your kind words. so much. muchas gracias.

  3. Thanks for your kind words. Thankfully, all are OK! =)