Monday, September 15, 2008

My Fabulous Fun Filled Farm Fantasy Trip

Let's begin our trip to the country (Walland, TN to be exact) at the Farmhouse at Blackberry Farm:

Here is the sitting area of my bedroom. We had plenty of space. These pictures don't do the square footage justice. The round table you see to the left is at least 48".

This is my bedroom...opposite the king sized bed is an incredible window seat with wall lamps.  The bed linens were heavenly--everything was top notch in quality.  They had my favorite--goose down pillows--no need to even ask for them.

Here's my bathroom.  It was so relaxing.   What you can't see in the photo is the make-up vanity, shower or toilet area--all just as lovely as what you are seeing here.  (Aveda products, for those of you who are interested.  The Spa is an Aveda Destination Spa too).

A close up of one of the sinks.  Beautiful pine floors throughout the house, including the bathrooms.  You can see just a hint of the floor here.
I have so much more to share with you.  There are two more bedrooms and baths--and the rest of the farm!  Feel free to ask me about specifics.  I'll be happy to customize my post according to what you are truly interested in seeing.  More later...


  1. Your photos are lovely, I cannot wait to see more. You certainly had a wonderful room!

  2. Hi Granny:
    Of course I absolutely love it! By the way, on the fire place are those old sheep door stops? Can't wait to see more!!

  3. Just look at that lovely, high-thread count bed of beauty! You're right - we're definitely of the same vacationing mindset. More pics, please!

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