Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oldest Mass Produced Christmas Card

For more detailed information on the first know mass-produced Christmas card please visit this site.   To see the entire image, please click the link.  (I think the file is just too large for Blogger to accept)  Then you will notice the following:

1.  Feeding the hungry
2.  Clothing the poor
3.  Serving wine to children--caught you off guard, didn't I?

I have so enjoyed reading your comments about your Christmas card plans.  You all are good.  The cards shown in the previous post are indeed from Crane.  It think the 100% cotton paper and copper plate engraving makes all the difference.  Hold onto your hats, or should I say pocket books, if you want to order personalized cards of this quality, like the one shown below.  The prices range from $521.00 for 50 cards (that's $10.42 a card) to $2,443.00 for 500 cards.  
Pine Basket Personalized Holiday Cards
I say just get out your quill pen and bottle of  ink (a la Europafox!) and go for the boxed set of 10, unpersonalized, for $34.00.  Better yet, wait till after Christmas and get them for half price!