Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kitchens: Heart of the Home

note:  the granite sink, warmth of the wood and the chicken wire.  
What do you think of the exposed shelves and the baskets?  

Dear readers, for the past few weeks I have found myself overwhelmed with a kitchen renovation project.  I do believe that the end is in sight.  The cabinetry is under construction as we speak.  

I hope you enjoy some of these kitchen images.  I have had them in an inspiration file for some time now.  I'm sorry that I did not make a note of who did the design work or the photography.  If you know, please leave me a message.  I'd like to give them credit.  

note:  the contrasting cabinet finishes and the beamed ceiling  

note:  beamed ceiling and chandelier, also note the fountain in the background.
This is one of my all time favorites.  It was designed by Bunny Williams.  

note:  wide planked floors

note:  the hood and the sunlight

note:  the very light flooring, high contrast, firewood and brick

What does your dream kitchen contain--
other than Paula Deen, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson or Anthony Bourdain?


and for LegallyBlondeMel...


  1. Please post pics of your new kitchen!! So excited to see it! xoxo

  2. In the first photo, the warm wood used for the cabinets is rich and handsome. I like it. I have not decided about the granite sink; need to see in person. I am not a big fan of open shelves for at least two reasons. One, they always seem to need to be cleaned. Two, the items stored on them always seem to need to be straightened. The pullout basket design is a great look but such a waste of space. Lots of goodies in the other photos as well.

  3. I really like the exposed baskets, the granite sink, and the open shelves in the first one. Those wide planks in the fourth one are also stunning.

    As for a dream(y) chef in my dream kitchen, I'm going with Tony Bourdain.

  4. There is just something about Anthony Bourdain.... I can't put my finger on it, but I adore him!

    I loved the 2nd kitchen, so beautiful!

  5. Love the granite farmhouse sink and the painted cabinets.

  6. I think I'm gonna have to go with the last kitchen . . . I might have to do a slightly darker floor for a bit more contrast . . . but those beautiful exposed beams are callin' my name . . . lol.

  7. Hi ! Can't wait to see your kitchen !! Post some of the process, please? I love all these kitchens but they all have very high ceilings and if you don't have that architectural gift, then you feel your kitchen is "less than". One blogger commented on some wonderful pendant fixtures and said they were so much better than those "boring , pedestrian recessed cans"......well my ceiling is only 7 1/2 ft so I have those boring cans - and no room for chandeliers and pendants. That's my reality....I want to see your reality!
    Happy May Day

  8. Oh my!

    I love them all. So all that ROOM.
    I love a big kitchen! My favorite is the number two picture - the big white built-in hutch. Love that and especially love the cheery yellow back board. So pretty. I would love to have that in my kitchen and then change it out depending on the season!

    Now, please don't keep us in suspense any longer.
    Give us your big kitchen reveal! :)

  9. I love the last kitchen too.Have a lovely weekend, xv.

  10. You must post photos of your kitchen post project!
    I personally do not love the exposed basket drawers, but that is just me!

  11. I love looking at beautiful kitchens and your inspirations are all lovely.

    My kitchen requirement and wishes? Spacious, fresh looking and with many storage spaces ... with a really nice gas stove and oven and a huge ref with lots of foods inside.

  12. Gorgeous photos!
    My dream kitchen would include an Aga and a large dog bed in the corner.

  13. I like your kitchen its really awesome. Thank you for sharing.