Monday, June 22, 2009

Bathing Beauties

Here are two different bathrooms done by designer Phoebe Howard of Atlanta, Georgia.
Clean, bright, simple and timeless: absolute requirements in a bath.

Did you notice the construction of the sinks in the first photo?
They are entirely constructed of marble. How luxurious!

What about the toilet seat in the second photo?
It looks like the mahogany seat that Waterworks carries.

This is my way to start a Monday.
How would you chose to start your week?


  1. Beautiful, but I prefer my commode in its own 'room'...

  2. Mrs. Howard always pleases.
    As for me, I start my Monday with coffee. Lots.

  3. I like , I like. !!

    have a nice monday !

  4. WOW! What great bathrooms. White marble is always such a perfect choice for baths. I started this morning with a new bible study. Thanks for asking.:)

  5. Greetings to you from the Kansas Flinthills!
    I think if I could have a Monday as a complete day off I would be given the opportunity to sleep in and wake to a cool breeze blowing on me.
    Rise and shine to cup of coffee with half and half in it.
    No one else in the house, but the quiet.
    From there, we'd see.
    A very Blessed Monday to you!

  6. lovely - I would be delighted to primp there!

  7. A massage then a bodyscrub with my current favorite salt wash: need a margarita citrus body scrub from True Blue Spa.
    Marble & Phoebe's genuis would only heighten the experience.

  8. I love these marble bathrooms - classic and beautiful. Mondays...the best way to start them is not wishing it were Friday, xv.

  9. this is exactly what i want in my bathroom - white marble!

  10. I adore the little stool too! So stylish!

  11. Just like this - of course!!!!! I have always admired this bathroom & have been thinking about doing a mahogany seat but I'm still trying to get rid of all the mauve in my new house!!!!!!!

  12. Sumptuous elegance with a 1920's nod. I quite like it!

  13. chic. simple. but, wonderfully decadent. not a bad way to start the morning.

  14. I have never met a girl who doesn't like marble!
    I changed all the seats & lids on my plain white toilets to dark wood! It looks pretty snazzy for a white toilet without the Waterworks tag.
    Hope you are having a good week!
    Lisa P.

  15. I love the clean, crispness of white marble in a bath. I would love to start a Monday in either of those! Timeless style (:

  16. I would never have thought of a dark toilet seat, but I must say it is stunning in that dark stain in that all-white room. And what gorgeous rooms they are!

  17. I have been in these lovely bathrooms (one is his, one is hers). They are small - this is a city apartment - but they are luxurious. Look in the reflection of the mirror and you can see some of the storage, which is very well planned and cleverly designed. There is a place for everything - and everything is in its place!