Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Always in Style

What's always in style?  Manners-sincere, plain manners.  

The simple gesture of being polite makes all the difference .

Take a moment out of your day to show your appreciation.  It's easy.

Have a few blossoms in your garden?  Snip a few and take them to someone--unexpectedly.

Sometimes it just an expression on our face that will change someone.  
Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Thank you, kind readers, for all of the joy you bring to my day.  
How I wish I could send all of you a few blooms.
I appreciate each and every one of you.

What are your ideas for spreading kindness?
How have you experienced graciousness?


  1. Taking a hostess gift is always a nice gesture. Thank you notes, of course, which you mentioned. Just a card to say hope you're having a good day! Grand post!! xoxo

  2. Love this Post!! Have a fabulous Day!!
    xxxxx me

  3. Thanks for a wonderful post!!! Such small gestures can mean the world to so many people. I love to see a person who looks sad and give them a big smile or a hello and see how it transforms them!! We are all so special in God's eyes, so make people in your lives feel special too!!!
    I send a lot of cards to people. In fact I send so many, I have to keep them listed in a journal to keep up with it. I know how much I love to get mail, so I enjoy sending cards to people and get so much pleasure out of that. Not only for special events, etc. but for no reason at all!! Just to say HELLO and I am thinking about you! Take care and have a wonderful day. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. What a beautifully sweet post! I could not agree more with you. You must take a peek at A whole blog dedicated to being proactively NICE.I think you will enjoy it. And you have a nice day.:)

  5. Manners...amen to that.
    Mine is smiling. Strangers are only friends you haven't met yet.
    And empathy. You may never be able to walk a mile in someone elses shoes but trying to can change everything.

  6. great post !
    lately, i have noticed that people need to be listened to.
    really heard.

  7. What a joyous post! "Manners make the lady" my grandmother always reminded me. I enjoy all you share. Thank you too for your kind comments on my blog.


  8. Great post and nice reminder too that we should know when and how to give thanks even for the small things.

    You know those flowers may not be as perfect as the ones we usually see on other blogs but they look so real and the dew effect looks terrific.

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  10. You practice what you preach! Thank you for the kind words you wrote in your comment on my blog. I have recovered from the initial shock and I am working toward acceptance. Thanks again for you kindness. ...susan

  11. Beautiful and living a gracious life to me means giving and loving others, and expecting nothing in return. I love the kindness that people share through food, too.

    Great post!

  12. So fabulous. What a great post!