Friday, June 12, 2009

Blackberry Weekend

Friday is upon us again and time to think of our weekend plans. I thought you all might want to dream of your weekend at Blackberry Farm. How about a few pictures to send you drifting off to Walland, Tennessee?

Are you just loving this little vignette? The tassels on on the curtains, the "pie crust" table, the rustic bowl, the leather books, and rose medallion--what's not to love?

The covered bridge that leads to Lamar Alexander's place.

Want to do some fly fishing this weekend? How about a few hours on Hesse Creek with an Orvis endorsed instructor?
Sounds perfect for Father's Day, don't you think?

Ahhh! I'm relaxing already.

Care to sit a spell with me out by the pond?

What are your plans for the weekend?
Make it a priority to find time to love one another and relax.
Have a Blackberry weekend!

(Want to see more of the amazing Blackberry Farm? Look to the tags on the left and simply click on Blackberry Farm for even more post about this lovely place!)


  1. Wouldn't that be a great Father's Day surprise to give to a deserving Dad! Of course I would have to go with.....Beautiful.
    We are getting ready around here for our first pool party of the season on Sunday, we call it Tiki Sunday. The weather has been so cold this season that we are getting a late start.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. I love Blackberry farm and all your posts to remind me again how beautiful it is, defintely one of the most relaxing spots on this earth! I think I will start planning (saving) now for our next visit. My husband has always joked that it would be one of my favorite places because it costs $100 per minute! :)

  3. Save that chair for me by the pond. Do you have a fishing pole? We might catch some fish for dinner!

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. Sitting with our legs hanging over the side of the covered bridge thats the perfect place to listen to the little river & share a jam sandwich..blackberry of course. A peaceful green weekend to you!!!

  5. When are you coming to Walland? I will def come visit you when you do!! Bring Scot!! xoxo

  6. Hello there! Have always loved Blackberry Farm!! I'm looking for a pair of white adirondack chairs, so the timing of the photo is perfect for me!! Now I just need that pond to go with them!!
    p.s. yes, marble on vanity in master bath; also have honed marble on island in kitchen. the fabricators sealed it when installing, but just last weekend in Maine found a product that said it makes marble acid resistant... so am checking it out (didn't buy it yet), it's a natural bees wax.

  7. Hello! I found your blog through "for the love of a house." Just wanted to thank you for all of the Blackberry Farm pictures. My husband and I are in the final stages of the farmhouse we've been building in Kansas. I have searched online several times trying to find pictures of the inside of this very house. I was thrilled when I came to visit your blog and these pictures are what I found.

  8. We have been there several times and just love it. Once was for a wedding-Can you imagine how gorgeous that must have been! We spent the weekend ushering in New Years several years ago with a group of friends. My husband and I stayed in the most wonderful cottage filled with yellow chintz. What a fun weekend!

  9. I cannot believe I have never been to BBF. I need to find someone to go with one weekend and I am there. perhaps a blogger meet up. Can you imagine how divine that would be?! Good food, lovely surroundings and amazing company? Sounds like a plan to me!

  10. Funny - when I opened this and saw the title, I thought to myself, "But I try to get away from my Blackberry on the weekends!"

    Once I read along, I realized that THIS is the type of Blackberry I would very much love to spend time with. Gorgeous!

  11. I have always heard of this but have never visited! I love that covered bridge and would relly love to see if the bream are biting in that pond!