Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am overdue in thanking a most gracious blogger, 
Lisa Porter, for giving the Granny Smith Green Blog 
the Lemonade Gratitude Award.  
Let's pretend that this is my hand-written thank you note! 

I was first introduced to Lisa's site by a fellow blogger.  This darling blogger frantically wrote to me saying, "You two have been separated at birth!  You've got to go visit The Lisa Porter Collection blog!"  Well, with words like that, how could I not check it out.

When the blog page opened, I was thrilled with the beauty of it.  What a compliment I had received--to be compared with that!  Wow!  Her blog is a true collection of beautiful images--and a kind soul behind in all.

Just to whet your appetite, here's a tid bit from her profile, 
"(the blog is) a place for those who have an appreciation of family, friends
 and a meaningful life. 
It is my devotion to the casual, elegant manners of my southern heritage 
that have led me to create this collection."  

Sounds good, doesn't it?    


A few more words of thanks are due to several creative bloggers.  The dear people behind these blogs have sent me kind words of encouragement and delight me with their inspiration.  

I do hope that if you aren't familiar with the following blogs, you will pour yourself another cup of coffee and stop by for a visit.  Each one different from the next and all delightful!

In no particular order, my I present:

style, sass and humor--deep in the heart of Texas

and she does.  I've got to meet this gal.  
Scot and me
(Katiedid & Tartanscot--blog world's are colliding Jerry!)

my dear brother in design--we were separated at birth!  

or should be say, blue-eyed about to pop mama-to-be any day now

a.k.a. Hospy or Kappa Prep.  One of the very first blogs I read.  Precious.

Be sure to visit all of these great blogs--and tell them Granny Smith Green sent you!

I'd like to discover other great blogs too.  
Do you have a great blog to recommend--yours or another you find fabulous?
Leave me a comment here and I'll be sure to visit.  Thanks!



  1. thank you so much!!! i LOVE your blog and your style!

  2. you deserve an award!
    missed you!

  3. Congrats! Congrats! Your beautiful blog certainly deserves an award!

  4. Isn't Lisa the best???
    Style, charm & as incredible artist to boot. Scot, Katie & Joni are also favs & lets not forget the award winning you.
    An green apple a day keeps the doldrums away!!!!

  5. Well deserved award! I am tickled to have recently found your delightful blog! Another stylish Southerner!

  6. Congrats- you so deserve and you picked some of my favorite blogs ever!!
    Have a fabulous week!!
    xxx me

  7. I clicked on Lisa's blog and wow, she is from KY...and only lives 20 minutes from me. I can't wait to look around at everything. Lots of eye candy there. Thanks for her mention!

  8. Luv those blogs too...and yours too, of course.

    I enjoy reading Joni's blog, Cote de Texas, so informative.

    Nice post, full of blog lovin'...way to go.

  9. Congratulations on your award, and thank you for the great decorating advice!

  10. What an honor to get an award from such a respected designer blog, thank you!

  11. You are so generous with those kind words, my goodness, i feel as though i have received an award from you my dear!
    I apologize for my belated comment & thank you.
    This slipped right by me.
    You are such a great bff, (blogger friend forever) and you so deserve the award.

  12. oh my! please forgive me for not seeing this earlier! how sweet!!!! thank you so much!