Monday, June 8, 2009

Well Done

What a quaint flagstone patio-the herbs, the maple and ivy.  

(This interior must have been inspired by the main lobby at The Cloister on Sea Island.  
The first two pictures are from the same house.)

Haven't you wanted to step inside-or in the back yard- of some of the houses you see for sale?  
Well, thanks to the internet, we can.  Let's go.  
Some of the interiors look quite familiar.  
Doesn't this look like something we've seen in a magazine?
I think I've seen that chair before as well as the chandelier.
(The picture above and the picture below are of the same house.)

Not a bad lake side view.

Calm and soothing bedroom.
Doesn't this remind you of Phoebe Howard?
(The next three pictures are all in the same house.)

This wood paneled living room invites one to lounge for hours.  It's fairly family friendly too.   
Where's my lemonade?  Look at that sky, and the green!  
Could the relator have taken a better photograph?
Beautiful wine cellar with a slate floor.  
I wonder how many bottles this holds?

(FYI:  all homes shown above are listed for two million plus.)

Are you in the market for another house?
What are you looking for?


  1. Stunning. Every photo is just stunning...

    The photo of the patio is EXACTLY what I've had in mind for our side patio for years! How lovely would it be to sit with my morning coffee amongst the herbs (already have), maple (have this as well) and ivy-oh the ivy! We don't have the beautiful ivy, but we do have a fabulous view of our little loch...

    Thank you for sharing the photos, GSG. I'll refer back to this post later in the summer:)

  2. Would you believe me when I say I've been house hunting for a year and a half? Yep, I have. During that time there have been only two houses that I just had to have. The second, I've liked this house since I was 19 and coming to college. Someone else got the bid though and are closing on Thursday. It's bad to say, but I hope it falls through. Very slim chance though. Anyway, what I like in a home is an older home with character....deep set windows, hardwood floors, open floor plan, basement, a nice yard for my daughter, a good neighborhood....ok, i guess my standards are just too high. lol. it seems that most of the houses here are sitting right on top of each other and are all cheaply, i continue renting! ok, i realize this is a really loooong comment. i had to vent about my frustrations:)

  3. First picture did it for me. Attach a great little cottage to it & I'm home. For me its storage space galore with cozier rooms. ive no need to do a tumbling run through my bedroom.
    Being a looky loo is fun though.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a gorgeous house!But I must have a guest house before I blow this joint (O:

  5. Lovely photos! Especially love the flagstone patio and the bedroom- so peaceful. joan

  6. Beautiful homes - I always wonder why people who have a beautiful home are selling it. I am sure there are a lot of sad stories behind the sales signs these days....